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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
From A Buick 8 Stephen King 11250
It Stephen King 10000
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Jack Finney 10000
Firefly Piers Anthony 10000
Cujo Stephen King 10000
Christine Stephen King 10000
Evil Whispers Owl Goingback 10000
The Hunting Sorrow Christopher Treagus 10000
Dreamcatcher Stephen King 10000
Perdido Street Station China Mieville 10000
The Shining Stephen King 10000
The Tommyknockers Stephen King 10000
The Children Of Cthulhu John Pelan and Benjamin Adams 10000
Something Wicked This Way Comes Ray Bradbury 10000
Sphere Michael Crichton 10000
On Stranger Tides Tim Powers 10000
Unidentified Matthew Costello 10000
Faerie Tale Raymond E. Feist 10000
Midnight Voices John Saul 10000
The Ferryman Christopher Golden 10000
Everything's Eventual Stephen King 10000
The Midwich Cuckoos John Wyndham 10000
Stasis Kelly Steed and Colleen Elliott 10000
Stinger Robert R. McCammon 10000
The Haunted Air F. Paul Wilson 10000
The Witch Queen Jan Siegel 10000
Forests of the Heart Charles de Lint 10000
Storm Riders Jennifer Cloud 10000
Riverwatch Joseph M. Nassise 10000
The Apostate Paul Lonardo 10000
The Bone Doll's Twin - Tamir Trilogy 1 Lynn Flewelling 10000
Creepers Robert Craig 10000
Phantom Feast Diana Barron 10000
Servants Of Chaos Don D'Ammassa 10000
The Dwelling Susie Moloney 10000
Wither's Rain John Passarella 10000
A Winter Haunting Dan Simmons 10000
Frankenstein Mary Shelley 10000
Summer of Night Dan Simmons 10000
Treasure Box Orson Scott Card 10000
From a Whisper to a Scream Charles de Lint 10000
Jinn Matthew B.J. Delaney 10000
Black House Stephen King and Peter Straub 10000
Don't Close Your Eyes Robert Ross 10000
Serenity Falls James A. Moore 10000
The Awakening Donna Boyd 10000
Black Valley Jim Brown 10000
Rodenticider D.P. Roseberry 10000
Midnight Is A Lonely Place Barbara Erskine 10000
Crawlers John Shirley 10000

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