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Border Dogs Karen Palmer 5000
Harvard Yard William Martin 5000
Bluebird Rising John DeCure 5000
The Doctor Dines in Prague Robin Hathaway 5000
Dead Man's Touch Kit Ehrman 5000
Eyes of Betrayal Patricia A. Rasey 5000
Avenging Sword Melody Ravert 5000
Done For A Dime David Corbett 5000
Love for Sale Jill Churchill 5000
The Repo Bill Eidson 5000
Off the Chart James W. Hall 5000
No Second Chance Harlan Coben 5000
Shred Kevin B. Levi 5000
Dragon King's Palace Laura Joh Rowland 5000
Scarecrow Robin Hathaway 5000
Flashback Nevada Barr 5000
Nine Jan Burke 5000
Saving Room for Dessert K.C. Constantine 5000
Created, the Destroyer Warren Murphy and Richard Saphir 5000
White Thunder Aimee and David Thurlo 5000
Maitland James Patrick Hunt 5000
The Christmas Thief Mary Higgins Clark and Carol Higgins Clark 5000
Scandal Takes A Holiday Lindsey Davis 5000
Caravan to Vaccares Alistair MacLean 5000
Hoax Robert K. Tanenbaum 5000
No Escape Heather Lowell 5000
Artscape Frederick Ramsay 5000
Ten Big Ones Janet Evanovich 5000
R is For Ricochet Sue Grafton 5000
A Conspiracy to Ponder Margaret Williams 5000
Swallow the Hook S.W. Hubbard 5000
Dead Men Rise Up Never Ron Faust 5000
A Hard Ticket Home David Housewright 5000
Flashback Jenny Siler 5000
First Class Killing Lynne Heitman 5000
Dead Heat Caroline Carver 5000
What Others Know L.C. Hayden 5000
The Feng Shui Detective Nury Vittachi 5000
Dirty South Ace Atkins 5000
French Twist Roxanne St. Clair 5000
Frumious Bandersnatch Ed McBain 5000
License to Thrill Lori Wilde 5000
I Ain't Superstitious Laura Garner 5000
Deadly Decisions Kathy Reichs 5000
Faceless Martina Cole 5000
Southern Cross Patricia Cornwell 5000
Ink Me Richard Scrimger 5000
Jump Cut Ted Staunton 5000
Distortion Terri Blackstock 5000
The Keeper of Lost Causes Jussi Adler-Olsen 5000

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