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Wizard's Heir Daniel Hood 2000
Fanuilh Daniel Hood 2000
Scales of Justice Daniel Hood 2000
Phobos Ty Drago 2000
Altered Carbons Richard K. Morgan 2000
The Protector Jenifer A. Ruth 2000
Greenmantle Charles de Lint 2000
Extremes Kristine Kathryn Rusch 2000
The Return of Santiago Mike Resnick 2000
Guilty Pleasures Laurell K. Hamilton 2000
Men At Arms Terry Pratchett 2000
Catspaw Joan D. Vinge 2000
Water Death Paul Johnston 2000
The Octagonal Raven L.E. Modesitt Jr. 2000
F as in Frank David A. Page 2000
Dervish Is Digital Pat Cadigan 2000
The House In The High Wood Jeffrey E. Barlough 2000
Blood and Honor Simon R. Green 2000
Blade Runner Philip K. Dick 2000
Eccentric Circles Rebecca Lickiss 2000
Chimera Will Shetterly 2000
Wayward Moon - Astrologer 2 Denny DeMartino 2000
Kushiel's Chosen Jacqueline Cary 2000
Rules of Ascension - Winds of the Forelands 1 David B. Coe 2000
The Predictor of the Past Kir Bulychev 2000
In Chicken's Skin Kir Bulychev 2000
Dark Ararat Brian Stableford 2000
Return of the Tauz Steven Gordon 2000
Chasm City Alastair Reynolds 2000
The Eyes of Truth Linda Suzane 2000
One of Us Michael Marshall Smith 2000
Starpilot's Grave - Mageworlds 2 Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald 2000
The Price of the Stars - Mageworlds 1 Debra Doyle and James D. MacDonald 2000
The Association Bentley Little 2000
The Silk Code Paul Levinson 2000
Tangled Up in Blue Joan D. Vinge 2000
Lanterns Over Demner Dale Kagan 2000
Dream Snatcher Shauna Michaels 2000
Point Of Dreams Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett 2000
Night Watch Terry Pratchett 2000
The Stasis Option Charles Daniel 2000
The Mocking Program Alan Dean Foster 2000
A Time to Die Mickey Zucker Reichert 2000
Consequences Kristine Kathryn Rusch 2000
Scarab Don D'Ammassa 2000
The Magister's Mask Deby Fredericks 2000
Haven Don D'Amarassa 2000
Pashazade Jon Courtenay Grimwood 2000
Gun, With Occasional Music Jonathan Lethem 2000
Through Violet Eyes Steven Woodworth 2000

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