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Title (click on a book/movie below) Author/Actors (click on a book/movie below) Gordonator Ranking
God Of The Golden Fleece Fred Saberhagen 2000
Hazard's Price - The Chronicle of Unbinding 1 Robert S. Stone 2000
Blood and Iron - American Empire 1 Harry Turtledove 2000
Cavern of the Black Ice J.V. Jones 2000
The King Of Dreams Robert Silverberg 2000
Clockwork Heart Dru Pagliassotti 2000
Prince of the Blood Raymond E. Feist 2000
Kushiel's Chosen Jacqueline Cary 2000
Return of the Tauz Steven Gordon 2000
The Peshawar Lancers S.M. Stirling 2000
Tenebrea's Hope - Tenebrea Trilogy Book 2 Roxann Dawson and Daniel Graham 2000
In the Shadow of Dragons - Macsen's Treasure 2 Kathleen Cunningham Guler 2000
The Gilded Chain: A Tale of the King's Blades David Duncan 2000
Paragon Lost: A Chronicle of the King's Blades David Duncan 2000
Command Performance Linnea Sinclair 1200
Kushiel's Dart Jacqueline Carey 1000
The Vacant Throne Ed Greenwood 1000
The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold 800
The Court of a Thousand Suns - Sten 3 Allan Cole and Chris Bunch 800
Legions of Fire Peter David 800
Precursor C.J. Cherryh 800
Ring of Lightning Jane S. Fancher 800
The Phoenix Guards Steven Brust 800
The Fifth Elephant Terry Pratchett 800
World Fall Douglas Niles 800
Dark Dreams - Last T'en Trilogy 2 Cory Daniells 800
The Otherhood Lytchcov Zammana 800
The Shadow Sorceress - Spellsong Cycle 4 L.E. Modesitt Jr. 800
The Golden Sword - Branion Series 4 Fiona Patton 800
The Prince of Shadows - Seven Brothers 1 Curt Benjamin 800
Five Hundred Years After Steven Brust 800
The Stone Of Light Christian Jacq 800
The Moon's Shadow Catherine Asaro 800
Mind Game Christine Feehan 600
Burndive Karin Lowachee 600
Snare Katharine Kerr 600
The Folk Of The Fringe Orson Scott Card 400
Talion: Revenant Michael A. Stackpole 400
Polgara The Sorceress David Eddings 400
1632 Eric Flint 160

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