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The Celtic Riddle: An Archaeological Mystery Lyn Hamilton 1000
Wild Town Jim Thompson 1000
Living Dead Girl Tod Goldberg 1000
The Cater Street Hangman Anne Perry 1000
The Lake of Dead Languages Carol Goodman 1000
Disquiet Heart Randall Silvis 1000
The Broken Hearts Club Ethan Black 1000
A Letter of Mary Laurie R. King 1000
Anna's Book Ruth Rendell 1000
Steps To The Altar Earlene Fowler 1000
Secrets Can Kill Carolyn Keene 1000
The Confession R.L. Stine 1000
Epitaph James Siegel 1000
Birds of Prey J.A. Jance 1000
The Procedure Peter Clement 1000
Die Upon A Kiss Barbara Hambly 1000
Designed To Die Chloe Green 1000
No Mercy S.E. Chase 1000
Fast Women Jennifer Crusie 1000
Kiss of Evil Richard Montanari 1000
A Finer End Deborah Crombie 1000
May There Be A Road Louis L'Amour 1000
The Triumph Of Katie Byrne Barbara Taylor Bradford 1000
M Is for Malice Sue Grafton 1000
Eyes of Prey John Sandford 1000
Half Moon And Empty Stars Gerry Spence 1000
A River Out Of Eden John Hockenberry 1000
Garnethill Denise Mina 1000
The Curse of the Pharaohs Elizabeth Peters 1000
Forgive Me Father Mickey Stroda 1000
Trust Me on This Donald Westlake 1000
Payment in Kind J.A. Jance 1000
Busman's Honeymoon Dorothy L. Sayers 1000
The Marx Sisters Barry Maitland 1000
Running Blind Lee Child 1000
Why Didn't They Ask Evans? Agatha Christie 1000
Sticks and Scones Diane Mott Davidson 1000
A Dream Of Wolves Michael C. White 1000
The Body In The Moonlight Katherine Hall Page 1000
Claws and Effect Rita Mae Brown 1000
Purgatory Ridge William Kent Krueger 1000
Heart -Shaped Box April Henry 1000
Stabbing Stephanie Evan Marshal 1000
The Singing Of The Dead Dana Stabenow 1000
Blood Games Lee Killough 1000
Resort To Murder Carolyn Hart 1000
The Thunder Keeper Margaret Coel 1000
Once Bitten Laurien Berenson 1000
Don't Cry For Me, Hot Pastrami Sharon Kahn 1000
Murder In The Forecast Valerie Wolzien 1000

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