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Sookie travels to New Orleans to acquire the inheritance left by her cousin Hadley, and she gets all mixed up with vampire politics. The story begins with the part-fairy heroine Sookie doing a photoshoot with her distant fairy cousin Claude. Claude asked her to pose with him for his entry in the Mr. Romance competition. Maria-Star Cooper, a werewolf, is the photographer's assistant. Maria is now dating Alcide, another were who previously asked Sookie to live with him. Sookie feels a little bad that she has already been replaced that fast, because she likes Alcide. After the events that happened between them in the previous books, like the packmaster competition and Debbie, Alcide's fiance's, death, she decides they cannot be together. Speaking of Debbie, Sookie asks Maria if there are still people looking for her. Maria informs her that the investigation is still ongoing but it is being pursued by different people. Sandra, Debbie's younger sister is the one who backs the investigation.
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At the bar, Bill arrives and asks her when she is planning to get her inheritance. Her cousin, Hadley who became a vampire, has found her true death and she left her something in New Orleans. Sookie tells Bill that she has not decided yet, but maybe she will go to New Orleans in a month or so. Bill asks to accompany her because he also needs to go there, and Sookie agrees. Two priests are at the bar and one talks to her about being friends with the vampire. Even if vampires are already out in the open, religions are still hesitant in accepting them. Sookie feels that it is rude to comment about Bill being evil because she knows there are more evil than being a vampire. Father Riordan apologizes and asks her something in behalf of a family in Jackson. She refuses to comment about Debbie's death because she has already told everything about it with the investigators.
The next night at the bar, just before closing time, Quinn comes in. Sam knows him because they are both shapshifters. Sam can shift into any animal, and Quinn is a weretiger. Quinn followed Sookie's scent to reach the bar. He tells Sookie that he is visiting her and asks if he can follow her to her house. At her house, Quinn tells her that he needs to talk something about Sookie, both for personal and for business purposes. Quinn asks her if she is unattached and she says yes. He asks her out on a date and Sookie gets excited and agrees. Quinn also informs her about the Queen of Louisiana asking for her services in the upcoming vampire summit. She advises Quinn that Eric has already told her that he might need her during that time. Quinn tells her that the queen's wishes will cancel out Eric's orders. He also tells her about her job as a partner in Extreme(ly Elegant) Events. He takes part on several celebrations and events of supernatural beings so he is quite busy. Quinn leaves her house and gives her a peck on the cheek.
The next night at the bar, Pam calls to tell Sookie that Eric wants to see her. Sookie says she has a date which makes Pam laugh. Andy arrives at the bar and asks Sookie to hide a ring in the chicken fingers basket. Halleigh finds the ring and accepts his proposal. Andy asks Sookie to read Halleigh's mind to make sure that she loves him. Sookie confirms that Halleigh loves Andy as much as he loves her. At home, Sookie notices that the woods suddenly become silent and she feels that there is someone outside her house. She wills herself that it may be Bill because he sometimes roam at night. The woods become noisy again by the time she goes to sleep.
The next morning, Sookie phones her brother Jason. He says he can't talk but he will stop by her house after a few hours. She goes out and thinks of Bubba, Eric and Tara. She stops by at Tara's Togs which is her friend Tara's boutique, and finds out that Portia Bellefleur, Andy's sister, is also going to get married. She informs her that they hired Extreme(ly Elegant) Events for their wedding reception. Portia invites Sookie and Sookie asks her to invite Bill. Bill learned that he still has remaining relatives and those are the Bellefleurs. He arranged a mysterious legacy money for them because he knows they hate vampires so much that they will not accept it. Going back to her main purpose in going to Tara's Togs, she gets an outfit for her date.
Jason arrives and he tells Sookie that his girlfriend who is also a were-panther had a miscarriage yesterday. He says that Crystal is bleeding heavily and her legs do not work. What's worse is she does not want to get a doctor or even inform the packmaster, Calvin. She is afraid that Calvin will get mad because she got pregnant by Jason. She also does not want to inform Sookie, but Jason needs help. Jason suggests to get the special doctor Sookie had when a maenad's claws poisoned her. Sookie calls Dr. Ludwig and she agrees to attend to Crystal. Dr. Ludwig arrives with Amanda as her driver. Jason meets and accompanies them to the were-panther community.
At the bar, Sam calls Sookie in his office. Father Riordan is there, together with the Pelts family. Sookie listens to their mind and thinks that they are desperate. She learns that Sandra, Debbie's younger sister is a full-blooded werewolf, as compared to her sister who is a shapeshifter. Sookie says her stand frankly. She argues that during the time when she and Alcide were together, Debbie was engaged with another man. She tells them that she already give the information that the policemen and investigators need to help resolve Debbie's case and they need to leave because there is nothing more she has to say. She realizes that Sam goes out of the bar while she was speaking. She sees him and knows that there is something wrong. Sam tells her that Holly's little boy Cody is missing. Someone was about to pick him up earlier but he did not come back when he said he will just get a picture of her mom. Sookie knows she can use her telepathic ability to help the police search. She arrives at school and walks around the familiar place which brings her a lot of sad childhood memories. She listens to everyone's thoughts and dismisses those who belong to other parents who are worried about their own children. She also learns that Halleigh, Cody's teacher, is not at fault as she is deeply saddened by what happened. She hears the custodian Maddy's thoughts and she immediately asks the police officer Kenya to check the garbage can. Maddy panics and explains that she did not mean to do that. She says that Cody returns and runs through the school with pollen all over his feet, while Maddy has already polished the floor. He slipped and hit his head, and knowing that she might lose her job, she hid his body in the closest receptacle. They call 911 to attend to Cody. The police officers cover up Sookie's part in the search by telling everyone that they missed searching the receptacle so they did it. Sookie learns that Andy wants to use her powers for future investigations and she disagrees. Sam calls Tanya Grissom as a temporary replacement for Holly.

Calvin visits Sookie and acknowledges her part in saving Crystal's life. He casually reveals that Jason and Crystal might get hitched. He also confides that he really likes Sookie and asks why she rejected him the first time. Sookie mentions her daughter. Calvin explains that as a full-blooded were-panther and packmaster, it is his duty to carry the lineage. He admits that he has three other children from three different mothers. Sookie says that such an arrangement will not work out for her. She wonders about having a steady relationship. She thinks about what Alcide needs to do if he becomes packmaster which makes her cry.
The following day, Sookie goes sunbathing and goes about her daily routine. She prepares for her date with Quinn when Eric arrives at her doorstep. Eric is frustrated because Sookie did not return his calls. He says that he is the sheriff of the area. Sookie tells him that she obeys the queen's orders. Quinn arrives just in time and informs him that Mr. Cataliades recommended him to the queen. Eric is enraged and informs him that Sookie has been his, and she will be his, which Sookie denies to Quinn. They leave and Sookie and Quinn go to the theatre. After the show, Sookie hears brains in the empty parking lot. They were charged by two half-man half-wolf creatures. Quinn knocks off both and they know that they were hired or on drugs. The police detectives on duty are Detective Coughlin, the same one who handled the murder of werewolves, and Cal Myers, a werewolf who was also at the packmaster contest. He was caught by Sookie cheating on the contest. Sookie warns Detective Coughlin about his partner.
Quinn invites Sookie to a werewolf bar called The Hair of the Dog. Sookie has a hard time entering because it is warded so Quinn carries her inside. Having a human in the bar enrages all the weres inside. Amanda, the owner of the bar, welcomes them. She is with the company of Alcide and Maria-Star. Quinn informs him that they were attacked by werewolves. Sookie also tells him that as a friend of the pack, she did not expect that she will be attacked by werewolves in the Shreveport area. Quinn only leaves when he gets the assurance that what happened in Shreveport will be resolved. Once they leave, Quinn kisses Sookie.
The following morning, Sookie learns that the weres who attacked them died in prison. Sookie also has some issues with the new waitress Tanya because her thoughts are too opaque for a shifter. A new vampire named Felicia arrives at the bar. Felicia is there because Pam teased her that she needs to beg for Sookie's mercy as she has killed many bartenders in Fangtasia. She also informs Sookie that Eric is a good boss compared to Peter Threadgill, the King of Arkansas. The King of Arkansas just got married to the Queen of Louisiana. Sookie also learns that her friend Arlene attends The Fellowship of the Sun, a group that hates vampires.
The following morning, Tanya visits Sookie's house unexpectedly. Both are rude to each other and Tanya just leaves. Quinn phones Sookie and tells her that he is investigating the disappearance of one of his co-workers in Dallas. Mr. Cataliades also visits her and asks to join him as he returns to New Orleans. She is hesitant because the messenger named Gladiola did not appear the night when Sookie heard something outside her house. The lawyer asks for Diantha's help to investigate and she finds out that Gladiola is dead. He burns Gladiola's chopped body in Sookie's backyard. Sookie invites Bill to join her in New Orleans. He arrives at her house looking desperate because he was not informed about the attack and also about Sookie dating Quinn.
They arrive at Hadley's house which is spell-bound. Sookie meets Amelia Broadway the following morning. She is the witch that protects the apartment. She also mentions Waldo, the former favourite of the queen before Hadley came in, who killed Hadley. Sookie cleans the apartment and she discovers a bloody body in the closet. He is Jake Purifoy, a werewolf, who came in to pick up Hadley the night of the queen's wedding. Jake wakes up as a vampire and grabs Amelia. Sookie attacks him but Jake bit her arm. Amanda casts a spell to stop him. The vampire police come in and Jake attacks them too. They feed him a bottle of True Blood to calm him. The two girls are taken in the hospital and Sookie sees Eric. Bill also arrives and annoys Eric, which made Eric reveal his secret. Bill admits that he came back to Bon Temps to seduce Sookie as an order from the queen. Hadley had told the queen about her abilities so she wanted to use her. Sookie gets mad at Bill and asks him to leave. She then goes back to Hadley's apartment.
Claudine appears beside her the next morning. She tells Sookie that she is her fairy godmother and that she is trying to become an angel. Amelia prepares an ectoplasmic reconstruction to know how Jake died. Sookie goes to the queen's headquarters and she is photographed by someone from the Fellowship. She meets the vampire guard Rasul and he tells her that she smells like a fairy. Sookie informs the queen Sophie-Ann Leclerq that Amelia will be doing a re-enactment spell and the queen decides that she wants to attend. The queen and her bodyguards Jade Flower, Andre, Sigebert and Wybert, and driver Rasul goes to Hadley's apartment with her. They find out that Hadley cried over the wedding and that the person who killed Jake is still unknown. Hadley turned him into a vampire to save his life. The last thing they get is that Hadley set up a meeting with Waldo. The witches tell them that someone might have paid Waldo to kill Hadley. Quinn arrives and he informs Sookie that Jake is the person he was looking for. The queen tours Hadley's apartment and tells Sookie about her life before becoming a vampire. The queen also tells her that she is indebted to Sookie and asks what she wants in return. She tells her that she just needs help in packing up Hadley's things. The queen also tells her to keep an eye on a gift from the king. Andre, the queen's right hand comments that Sookie might have fairy blood. Jake phones Quinn saying he needs him so he leaves.
The following morning Everett helps her pack Hadley's things and run her errands. Quinn also arrives and they flirt until Sookie hears intruders come in. They are attacked by a group of werewolves and are held captive. Quinn thinks that he has a phone in his pocket so Sookie hears it. Sookie takes the phone and calls the queen. Quinn tells her that Eric can help track Sookie. They help each other get away. They are able to escape and Quinn is disappointed because he cannot do anything to save Sookie. They go to a swamp and Quinn saves both of them from a snake. When they are out of the swamp, he asks her about her previous relationship with Alcide and they both make up a plan.
Quinn shifts into a tiger to track their abductors and they are lead into a house where the Pelts are. A man sees Sookie peek through the window which alerts everyone. Sookie enters the house and fights Sandra. Eric arrives and attacks Sandra while Quinn takes charge of the captors. Sookie admits that she killed Debbie out of self-defense. The Pelt family realizes that it is true because it is in Debbie's character. They also admit that they are the people behind the werewolf attack. The family also sent Tanya to investigate but she might stay on town because of Sam. Sookie asks them about Gladiola's death and they know nothing. They make an agreement that they will not report each other.
The following night, Quinn and Sookie arrives at the queen's mansion but they feel tension in the area. Sookie secretly gives the queen the bracelet she has been looking for. Sookie calls every gas station from New Orleans to Bon Temps and finds out that Jade Flower was seen at one at the time Gladiola died, so he informs Mr. Cataliades. The king and the queen dance and he asks to see her bracelets. Apparently, these bracelets are of utmost importance and if the queen loses it, she will lose all of her possessions to the king. Sookie and Quinn also dance, and Wybert's chopped head comes flying. Everybody panics. The queen and Andre are ready to fight, and Eric goes to protect Sookie but joins the fight after some time since no one is attacking her. Jade Flower grabs Sookie and Bill saves her by decapitating Jade Flower. Sookie tries to escape by going to the queen's apartments and she sees the queen wounded and Andre kills the king. Quinn and Sookie escape the mansion.
She goes back to Hadley's apartment. Amelia tells her that she needs to rent a room at Sookie's house because she accidentally turned her boyfriend Bob into a cat. She needs to get out of New Orleans to escape any punishment from the witches and until she has turned Bob into a man again. Bill visits her. Sookie lets him explain. Bill says he really has fallen in love with her. She does not trust him anymore and she hates him that there will never be a chance of them getting back together. The story ends with Sookie and Amelia heading to Bon Temps.
Best part of story, including ending: I like this story because it introduced a lot of new characters, like Amelia, Quinn, and the Queen.

Best scene in story: I like the scene when Eric arrives at the Pelt's hideouts to protect Sookie. He also decides to fight for her in the mansion. Eric might have already remembered their romance.

Opinion about the main character: I like Sookie because she does not get intimidated by any supernatural beings who are trying to kill her. She still fights for her life.

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