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The book "Hatchet" is about a teenager boy who gets stranded on the Canadian wilderness. Brian is flying on a plane to visit his dad and the pilot gets a heart attack. But Brian doesn't have any experience to drive a plane, so he crashes and lands in the water and he has to swim all the way to land.

   He ends up at the Canadian Wilderness. He builds a shelter from his hatchet, his mother gave him, and the wilderness is a forest so he cuts down a lot of trees. Brian is struggling to get a fire, but finally he sucseeds by using his hatchet and a rock. What Brian eats is raspberries at first, then he trys to eat fish, but he finally just eats birds, with his bow and arrow he invented. He drinks the water in the lake he first landed on.

   In the beginning he saw a bear, in the middle he saw another bear with cubs, and also in the middle he saw a wolf, and again in the middle he saw a porcupine and it shot quills at Brian's leg, it hurt him bad. Also towards the end Brian saw a moose close to the lake and it pushed Brian into the water and again and again and fianlly he got up and his ribs were very hurt because that was where the moose had hit him. A very magor sad event comes towards the end also, a tornado comes and destroys all of Brians shelter, and everything except the hatchet. Brian works again and rebuilds his shelter.
This report prepared by Nika

The main charater in the book is a boy named Brian Robeson. His parents are divorced and because of this he was forced to visit them one at a time. Brian has to go and fly out to the Canadian oil fields to see his father. On his way there the pilot of the plane had a heart attack. Brian, who had no idea how to fly a plane was forced to land the plane. Then he realized that the plane was almost out of fuel. He crashes at the edge of a small lake. Brian injured and in the wilderness, he creates a shelter out of a hollowed out boulder and manages to create fire by using his hatchet and a flint stone.

He is left alone in the wilderness with no food. Luckly he finds animals that he meticulosly killed. He also went fishing. Yet, even with this food, will it last him?
This report prepared by Claren Edillor

Brian is a 13 year old boy caught up in the divorce of his mother and father. When Brian has to go and fly out to the Canadian oil fields to see his father, the pilot of his small one engine plane has a heart attack and dies, leaving Brian to fly the plane alone.

Brian flies until he runs out of fuel and crashes at the edge of a small lake alone, injured and in the wilderness. Brian creates a shelter out of a hollowed out boulder and manages to create fire by using his hatchet and a flint stone.

With his hatchet he fashions tools to hunt and manages to do so successfully. Even with his random strokes of luck, will it be enough to survive in the wilderness?
This report prepared by Pat McLaughlin

There is a boy in this book named Brian. He was in a plane crash and was the only one to survive. He is stranded in the Canadian wilderness having to supply game and shelter. All he has is the hatchet that his mother give him before he got on the plane. He uses this to skin his game and food. He is only a teenager so he has lots of times when he gets frustrated and just wants to give up. Will he be able to go on and survive?
This report prepared by Ashley Keyton

'Hatchet' is a touching story about a boy who is the sole survivor of a tragic plane crash. He faces the problems of finding food, water, shelter and dealing with mixed emotions about his parents divorce.
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The "Hatchet" is about a teenage boy whose parents were divorced. He was on his way to visit his father, when the pilot had a heart attack and died. Brian had no experience flying a plane, so he crashed. Brian was alive because he fell in the lake but it didn't stop him from getting really hurt. Brian was alone in the wilderness, with no food and no shelter but what he had was a hatchet that his mom gave him. Will it help him survive?
This report prepared by alina

    Brian gets in a plane wreck ont the way to see his dad in Canada. He has to survive in the wild on his own until someone saves him. He builds his own shelter and hunts to get his food. He is in danger everywhere he goes. You got to read the rest to see if he makes it.
This report prepared by Sam Delgado

Hatchet is about a boy named Brian whose parents are divorced. While on a trip to visit his father, Brian's plane crashes in the wilderness, leaving him alone to survive only with the hatchet given to him by his mother. Injured, hungry, and without shelter, Brian must face the darkness of the forest, swarms of insects, and an angry moose. How will Brian survive on his own?
This report prepared by Ahmad Abdelrahman

On his way to see his father, a pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes. The young man climbs out of the plane and finds himself in the woods of Canada. What can he eat? Where can he sleep? He must learn to fight and survive in the untamed wilderness of Canada.
This report prepared by Katherine Mitchell

HATCHET is about a young boy who is stuck in the wilderness. He is on his way to visit his father in an airplane when the pilot dies from a heart attack and can no longer control the plane. Then he crashes into the Canadian wilderness and must fight for his life.
This report prepared by Arielle Austin

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Plot & Themes

Composition of Book descript. of violence and chases 16%Planning/preparing, gather info, debate puzzles/motives 39%Feelings, relationships, character bio/development 29%How society works & physical descript. (people, objects, places) 16% Tone of story    -   suspenseful (sophisticated fear) Time/era of story:    -   1980's-1999 Exploring into the wild    -   Yes Plotlets:    -   stranded    -   planewreck    -   surviving elements in wilderness Kid or adult book?    -   Adult or Young Adult Book

Main Character

Gender    -   Male Profession/status:    -   student Age:    -   a teen Ethnicity/Race    -   White/American


Forest?    -   Yes Air?    -   Yes Air:    -   passenger plane

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death Amount of dialog    -   little dialog

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