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Faith has spent the last six years assuring her own destruction, and the only one who can save her is the Wolf Breed that abandoned her and set her on this path. Like most of his fellow Wolf Breeds, creating using DNA from both humans and wolves, Jacob's life has been one horror after another. The majority of Breeds created by the sadistic group of scientists and government officials known as the Council were either sentenced to an early death, or put through a series of tortures and tests under the guise of training. For a lucky few, escape and freedom eventually came, and after years of hiding in plain sight, the Feline Breeds eventually came forward to the public with their story and a desperate cry for justice. Unfortunately for Jacob, escape from the hell they called home for so many years came one night too late. After years of Council scientists attempting to force natural conception on Breed captives, they finally came to Jacob, throwing one of his pack mates into his cell pumped full of aphrodisiacs to ensure her cooperation.
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Six years after their rescue from the Breed labs, Faith has not forgotten the night she was given to Jacob to be mated. The drugs she had been pumped full of had her practically begging for his aid, and they eventually had anal intercourse before it was over. Jacob has stayed away from Faith ever since that night, which has hurt Faith even more since realizing she is his mate. She has been in a form of constant, torturous arousal ever since her encounter with Jacob as it sent her into a form of heat the Breeds endure to ensure conception. After a mission for their pack leader Wolfe and his mate Hope, Faith and Jacob finally meet again and the tension, both sexual and emotional, is still there.

Tired of Faith's mood swings and increasing disregard for her own safety as her heat worsens, Wolfe sends her on a mission with a partner, Hawke, to find Jacob in the jungles of the south and deliver a letter. Unable to refuse the order Faith complies and spends the next two months following Jacob's trail until they encounter him at a dive bar nestled in the jungle. A fight ensues due to the hormones Faith is pumping around her, and six drunken men attempt to attack and rape her. She and Hawke fend them off while Jacob watches, and then he and his partner hustle the four outside. Jacob takes Faith with him to his hideout while Hawke and Jacob's partner head out together. Faith is furious that Jacob has taken over command of her again, and even more pissed off that she had to find him in the first place.

After arriving at the house Jacob has been loaned by his friend Caleb, Faith gives Jacob the letter and fully expects to be able to leave shortly after and head home. Unfortunately for her, the letter is from Wolfe to Jacob and explains the pain and arousal that Faith has been in, his growing concern for her well-being, and a few examples of how she is growing increasingly destructive and withdrawn. Wolfe essentially orders Jacob to mate with Faith and not to let her come home until he does. Without telling Faith what's in the letter, Jacob refuses to let her go and insists she stay with him and they work things out.

Faith is still hurt by Jacob's refusal to acknowledge her in years since sleeping with her and fights his claim of her every step of the way. Eventually she relents physically and they have amazing sex, but in his shock over losing control again and knotting Faith like an actual wolf, he departs quickly after to deal with his own demons. Faith is hurt by his rejection once again and in anger takes off to the local bar to find Hawke and go home. Hawke immediately contacts Jacob when he finds out what's going on and Jacob races to the bar to meet her there. Faith feels betrayed by Hawke when Jacob arrives, but Hawke refuses to intervene saying it's for her own good. Jacob takes her back to the house, angry that she ran off and ashamed of his own actions, but refuses to back down in his edict that she stay with him and that she is his mate.

Over the next few days the couple fights it out verbally and physically, having sex a few times throughout and also focusing on their external defenses that were breeched by Coyote Breed soldiers still on Council payroll. Eventually Faith negotiates the few luxuries Jacob had denied her in exchange for unrelenting sex whenever she needs it and the couple begins to build a bond, though a rough one. Faith discovers that the reason Jacob left was his shame over his actions in the lab and fearing that Faith had been hurt physically and was afraid of him. She forgives him for it, but wants his heart in return for being his mate which he claims to no longer have to give.

Hurt by Jacob's admission Faith vows to find a way to get her mate to see his ability to love her and tells him that he risks losing her forever if he cannot love. At one point the Coyote soldiers breech the defenses and attempt to kidnap Faith. Jacob and his Breed enforcers kill the Coyotes, but pictures and information they find on the body suggest they are after women the Council considers fertile for Breed conception, including Faith and a few other women they know. They research all of the pictures and information and wait on answers back from outside sources. At one point they feel the need to be together physically during the chaos, and as they finish they are intruded upon by one of their old Council torturers, Dale Marshal. After another battle ensues, all of the Council soldiers end up dead, and the Breeds are introduced to new races they had not known existed: Winged Breeds. They find out this new Breed has actual, working wings sized for humans, and psychic abilities that are fairly strong.

They learn information about the lab that Jacob has been scouting for on his mission in the jungle and plan an attack while calling in local Breed enforcers for help. After facing down their tormentor, Jacob and Faith realize their love and inability to live without the other, cementing their relationship for as long as they both survive. At the end we learn from one of the powerful Winged Breeds that Aiden, another strong, surviving Wolf Breed, has a mate that is being held captive in the lab they are about to breech. Aiden refuses to care as the woman turns out to be someone he knew before that worked for the Council, and he feels betrayed him.
Best part of story, including ending: I loved this story because the two main characters, both male and female, are alphas. Leigh does a great job of showing that even though Faith is hurt and feels vulnerable, she can still kick butt and get the job done when it comes down to it.

Best scene in story: I love the scene where Faith decides to win some ground with Jacob through negotiation. She realizes she has some footing and starts with high amounts of coffee and in return, she promises to let Jacob help her ease the intense the arousal the caffeine aggravates. The entire scene between them with the inner monologue is quite funny.

Opinion about the main character: I dislike Jacob's refusal to listen to Faith's side most of the time. He is the typical alpha male with the need to protect and keep what is his, but doesn't really let her have a voice throughout the story by doing that. Ultimately he learns though, and it makes you like him that much more.

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