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Three couples lose their friendship over infidelity and fight their way back to becoming comfortable with themselves and each other. Mike is a player and his wife Mya is onto his game. A fifteen minute store run turns into an hour. Enough time for him to have a quickie with one his side pieces. He uses his job as a police officer 'an explanation for the many times he is late. His job and being a good peace officer who has to help citizens out whether he is on duty or off has helped him maintain his playtime.
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He admits he fools around because there are so many fine women available. Even though he loves his wife he can't pass up on sex with new people.

Ahmad wants sex from his wife Shay. They had little Nicole six months ago and he is tired of waiting. He did not sign up for six months of celibacy!

Max throws Sharon out of his bed after ejaculating into a condom. She has to leave, his wife Trina is due home. Sharon curses them both and tells Max that he needs to leave his woman and hook up with her for real. He tells her she has no money, his woman does and that the only thing Sharon brings to the table is her good sex.

He hasn't regretted sexing Sharon even though she's his mother in law. Trina and Sharon despise one another. Sharon is ghetto (like Max) and Trina has pulled herself out of the poverty and games her mother played on men when she was growing up in the projects. As a financial director she makes damn good money and gives Max whatever he wants. She is satisfied in the bedroom and Max believes it is his sex skills that keeps him with a nice house and beautiful wife who caters to him.

His boy Mike knows he's screwing around with Trina's mother, but since he has side chicks too, it's all good.

Ahmad's high school student Maxine has a crush on him. When he dismisses the class for the weekend she lingers behind. Maxine asks Ahmad if he wants to have sex with her. She won't tell his wife, she's eighteen and legal. He turns her down shocked at how forward she is. Before he can cover she kisses him as the principal enters his classroom.

Irene Baker makes a deal with Ahmad. She won't report what she has seen (she escalates the situation) a teacher having sex with a student if he will sleep with her. Her husband is out of town the following weekend and she wants to play house with Ahmad.

Trina finds one of her mother's earrings under her bed. She questions Max and he comes up with a quick like. Trina acts likes she accepts his excuse that Sharon had left it when she had stopped by earlier in the week. She can't get it off her mind. When Trina and Max c go to the mall to buy a birthday present for the surprise party Mike is throwing in Maya's honor they run into Sharon.

Trina confronts her mother and Sharon spills the beans. She yells out that she has in fact Max in her daughter's bed. Max slaps Sharon followed by Trina and Sharon fighting. The mall police arrest Max.

When he is released Trina pulls a gun on him and he fears for his life. Mike y intervenes with his city issued gun and gets Trina to drop her weapon (it wasn't loaded).

Mya calls Shay looking for Mike, of course he is out cheating with someone new. Shay invites her over to watch a movie. While Shay checks on Nicole, Ahmad listens as Mya shares how Mike's cheating is hurting her. He tells her that he and Shay haven't had sex in six months. Mya admits her attraction to Ahmad and they share a kiss. Appalled at his betrayal to his boy, Ahmad feels badly.

Irene has made her ultimatum and Ahmad shows up at her house. She tells him to grow up that she is in charge and she wants him. She reminds him that she has the letter she made Maxine write that can end his career. Maxine has apologized after class the very afternoon. Irene doesn't know Ahmad is taping their conversation. He got the idea from Max. He has Irene right where he needs her in order to clear his name. He makes her get the letter and tears it into pieces, while asking to be taken off lunch duty, and for extra prep time. He tells Irene she has to be a better principal and leader if she is going to blackmail him.

He doesn't know that Shay's former co-worker saw him when he left Irene's house. She calls Shay and reports that Ahmad is cheating on her. Shay confronts him and tells him she wants a divorce. He plays the tape and she apologizes for being so rash. He explains about his student Maxine and that she had initiated things. He tries for sex and is turned down again. An argument follows when he says he should have had sex with his boss.

Mike needs Shay to get Mya out of the house so he can set up for her surprise party. Mya can't be alone with Shay because she feels guilty about kissing Ahmad.

Tension is in the air at the party. Ahmad can't stop checking out Mya and Shay notices and calls him on it. He tries to play it off and decides he'd better be cool. He starts having dreams of Mike confronting him and shooting him to death.

Raquel is also having sex with Mike. She calls him and tells him she is pregnant, that the condom must have had a hole. He can't believe it. He was careful. Mya takes him back since she's guilty about sleeping with Ahmad.

Trina puts Max out and learns she is also pregnant. He has to work out something to care for the child he fathered with Raquel and he wants Trina back. They work it out and Max Jr.'s birth helps to stop Max from straying away from home. Trina thinks her husband is the man she met and fell and love with before he decided to bed her mother.

Shay and Ahmad are talking and she tells Ahmad she'll take him back but he must agree to marriage counseling. Counseling is an eye opener for them both. Shay and Ahmad agree to work on their marriage as well. He is done messing with anyone who is not his wife, especially his best friend's bride. Mike and Ahmad aren't as close as they were before Ahmad and Mya hooked up but they are working on things.

Each of the three male friends have learned that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. They learn to be try and rekindle what it was that drew them to their spouses in the first place.
Best part of story, including ending: I hated that their was so much deceit among friends.

Best scene in story: My favorite scene was Ahmad and Shay going to marriage counseling.

Opinion about the main character: I disliked that Shay was not able to be more open with her feelings.

The review of this Book prepared by C. Imani Williams a Level 13 Blue-Winged Teal scholar

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Plot & Themes

Time/era of story    -   2000+ (Present Day) If one lover chases another...    -   they alternate Black people in love    -   Yes

Main Male Character

Profession/status:    -   business executive Age/status:    -   20's-30's Sex makes him    -   arrogant If he's not white he must be...    -   black

Main Female Character

Age/status:    -   20's-30's Profession/status:    -   homemaker Effect of sexing    -   unhappy for sexing the guy


City?    -   Yes City:    -   dirty, dangerous (like New York)

Writing Style

Accounts of torture and death?    -   no torture/death What % of story is romance related?    -   80% How explicit is the sex?    -   descript of kissing    -   licking    -   actual description of sex    -   Boob talk    -   Weiner talk Focus of story    -   many multiple characters How much dialog    -   roughly even amounts of descript and dialog

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