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Women with enormous breasts get what they want. 13 year old Linnie Mae was able to seduce and trap Junior, a 26 year old man because of one thing: her giant breasts. When he left her, Linnie Mae tracked him down, turned his life upside down, and forced him to accept her, using the power of her large breasts. Women with big breasts are powerful and can get what they want. That's why women with smaller breasts are envious of them.

Homosexual men shouldn't marry women. Denny was married to Carla but their marriage didn't last and he didn't even produce their baby, probably because he was homosexual. Women don't generally want to marry homosexual men because they don't want to catch AIDS and die. They also don't want a penis inside them that has been inside another man's rear end. That's probably why Denny's marriage was doomed from the start.

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Bad parenting leads to bad children. Abby and Red seemed too afraid to ask Denny about his homosexuality, or what job he was working at, or even where he was living. They were obviously terrible parents who didn't do a good job raising Denny. If they had, they would have instilled in Denny the value of respecting parents and having open lines of communication so he would tell them what was going on with his life.

Nutty moms irritate their kids. Was it a total surprise when Abby's kids were relieved when she died? The fact is that Abby was an annoying bitch who was a motor mouth who would say anything to anyone, which really pissed off her family mightily.

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