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Above Suspicion
This book was written in early 40's and published in early 50's. The book made Helen Mac Innes a force to reckon with, and she truly arrived on the scene with a bestseller. The setting is Europe, just before the outbreak of the WW-II in the early 40's. Hitler has already annexed Czechoslovakia, Poland is about to be invaded and high tension is prevailing all over Europe & UK. Richard Myles, a University Professor at Oxford, and his lovely, intelligent...
The Double Image
An ordinary person gets caught in an international intrigue of espionage, finds himself in a bind, helps his friends as well as the friendly intelligence agents to thwart the enemy plans...
The Salzburg Connection
A chest lies at the bottom on an Austrian lake and it is no ordinary chest. It contains valuable information cnncerning Nazi secrets and there are agents from around the world who are doing everything to get it. There are also those who are trying desperately to see that no one does get it! In “The Salzburg Connection,” Helen MacInnes is in top form with her ingredients for success: exotic, historical locales, exciting and suspenseful plots, a...
The Unconquerable
British Sheila Matthews is holidaying in Poland with friends when Germany invades. As she is hurried out of the country, she witnesses the cowardice of the ‘upper' class Polish and is goaded accepting the offer previously proposed to her. She becomes a ‘German' double agent, spilling the tactical secrets to the underground rebels, one of which is the dashing Captain Adam Wisniewiski… Sheila survives in the war ravaged streets of Warsaw, as she flirts ...

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