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Canis Royal: Bridefight
Lois Commoner has had it! Ever since she injured her knee in the line of duty, she has been unable to do anything because of the throbbing pain - not even sleep! Stuck on desk duty for the rest of her career with no friends and no family, Lois doesn't see the point in trying anymore so she overdoses on pills and floats off into sleep...only she wakes up again - in the SandLands - with a talking puma. Lois's knee doesn't hurt for the first time in ...
Derik's Bane
Berkley, Jan 2005, 6.50, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425199975 In Massachusetts, Werewolf Antonia tells pack member Derik Gardner he must save the world from Morgan le Fay of Monterrey, California. Derik arrives at Dr. Sara Gunn's Monterey home, but she is working. Monks attack her, but they fall over each other like a comedy team. Sara returns home where Derik having confirmed with Antonia that Sara is Morgan tries to kill her; instead she knocks him out ...
Hello, Gorgeous
Caitlyn James owns and operates a beauty salon and loves changing the style of her hair to suit her fashionable outfits. But Caitlyn also is the result of a bionic woman type of technology which makes her super strong. a secret government organization, run by the scary Boss, wants her to use her new powers to help stop a serial killer who is murdering the scientists, or as Caitlyn calls them, egghead nerds, who did the cyborg transformation. Caitlyn i...
Royal Treatment
Kensington, May 2004, 14.00 ISBN: 0758208022 In 1863, America, embroiled in a Civil War failed to buy Alaska. Instead, Alaska led by the Baranovs broke free from Russia. A kingdom was declared with a Baranov sitting on the throne. Over a century later, King Alexander II sneaks out of the Sitka Palace masquerading as a sea captain. He meets marooned American Christina Krabbe, who explains how she beat up her boss for groping her and is now o...

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Undead and Unemployed
Berkley, Aug 2004, 5.99, 304 pp. ISBN: 0425197484 In St. Paul, the vampire minions consider Betsy Taylor to be their queen, but she wants to be left alone so that she can indulge in her shoe fetish. Rather than join Sinclair, the royal stud, who converted her three months ago, Betsy seeks employment. However, she quickly learns the first lesson from Remedial Vampirism 099 that using the glamour spell on a government bureaucrat never works as a ...

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