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Nicola posts on 6/26/2005 9:30:41 PM i love tour books! ive read the whole shapeshifter series and i think it is absolutely great! i origonally found the silver wolf on sale for 25 cents @ the local library and was immediately intrigued and bought it. i finished it quickly, being very interested in it. and so i borrowed and read the other 2 novels! however upon finishing the 3rd, i coundnt help but there more? not that you should let one fan push you but... i would love it! that is the best quarter ive ever spent! please continue with this series ...i want to know if regeane and maeniel have kids! and what happens to the newly accired frankish empire!will they ever be left in peace? hope to hear from you soon!
Zims posts on 6/26/2005 6:10:41 PM just wondering if anyone knew when what the third book of the guinivere trilogy is called and when it will be out in stores?
Youngwoflsong posts on 6/14/2005 4:55:44 PM I have read and have all of your novels Alice! And I am so anxious for the last novel in the series of The Tales Of Guinevere to come out. I just wanted to say that you are the first author that has been able to pull me into your books and make me feel like I am actually there! The way you describe everything is just magnificent! By the way, I really like Maeniel!! I hope you have more plans for him in future novels!!

Isolde posts on 6/10/2005 9:32:42 PM excellent author! I started with my Borchardt collection with Devoted years ago... I am waiting for the last arthur/gwynhfar novel... any idea when to expect a release date?
Teagan posts on 6/5/2005 9:09:23 PM hi last night i finised the silver wolf man! i loved it i can't wait to read more of your books!!!!!!!!! well maby talk again bye!
Teagan posts on 5/25/2005 3:58:55 AM Hi either last week or the week before i finished reading The King Wolf man i was so into it i couldn't put the thing down! Now i'm reading The Siver Wolf i'm half way through it already and i love it!!!! I just love reading youre books. Some people are starting to thinf i shouldn't be reading yuore type of books 'cause i'm 12 and what youre books are like but i'm not gonna let it stop me from reading them!
WiteWolf posts on 4/27/2005 6:06:22 PM In response to Iseult's post, I believe all three books are out for the wolf trilogy. The Wolf King, Night of the Wolf, and the Silver Wolf, not in that order, of course. The only book I'm aware of that she hasn't released/completed yet is the conclusion to the Raven Warrior. Gwenyfar, I believe. Not sure how it will be spelled. But I'm anxious for that to come out. And I'm extremely jealous of the book signing person! How did you get yours autographed? Inquiring minds want to know!
Barbara posts on 4/27/2005 5:07:19 PM I rarely feel compelled to write a fan letter, but I am devouring her books as quickly as I can. She really knows how to tell a good story with great characters!
Teagan posts on 3/5/2005 8:28:32 PM Alice you have a great imaganation.So far i've only started reading you're books but i am crazzed on reading more, seeing i'm neally finished the dragon queen that i only started reading last week, anyway i was also wondering if i should be reading these most intruiging books seeing that i'm only 12??? but i can't stop reading this book!!!!! hope to read the whole series!!!!
just-a-fan posts on 1/30/2005 2:38:46 AM I love Alice Borchardt and i've only read three of her books. By the way, am I to young to be reading these book? Seeing that im 14 and that the material in these books are... well kinda mature
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