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Alex posts on 5/4/2005 10:53:18 AM I loved Ravished. I was one of my all time favorite books.
Nancy Lewis posts on 3/22/2005 9:42:44 AM Just like the first comment on the Mistress page. I read Surrender and would like to know the name of the book which deals with Lord Deargate and Anne Silverthorn. I'm desperate to find out what happens next! Please help. Many thanks, Nancy
Beth posts on 2/22/2005 6:34:46 PM I understand that Mrs. Quick does not usually write stories about her secondary characters. However, "Seduction" was ended in such a way that it felt as if Anne and Daregate would have their own story. Does anyone know if they will have their own novel? Thanks.

kylie posts on 2/14/2005 10:48:34 PM i think it will be a good idea that your books come onto film, me personality i wont like to go and watch it. its just an idea that i was thinking about.
Vickie posts a bold assertion on 2/3/2005 8:57:40 PM I personally think all of her books are good. I think you will like them all. Just my opinion.
emma posts on 2/3/2005 4:28:12 PM i recently read reckless and i really enjoyed the characters and the plot. Are amanda's other books just a good? i really liked the romance of it all, can someone recommend which one of her books i should read next?
Vickie posts on 1/23/2005 2:59:26 PM What is the name of her latest book? Can someone tell me?
kylie posts on 1/22/2005 11:19:46 PM i would like to say that i also love your books i started to read them at the begining of last year. i'm reading don't look back at the moment. i would like to say keep up the good job
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