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Thomas posts on 3/11/2005 5:14:35 AM I thing "Go ask Alice" is a very interresting book! You can lern a lot about drugs, when you read it. I think the drug-problem is a kind of difficult problems. I think everyone should let his fingers from drugs!!!! That was all - Thank you for reading my arguments!
Victoria posts on 3/10/2005 1:42:45 PM Go ask alice is really an excellent book. it doesnt offer any suggestions or answers to people who are drug users, but it really gives you an idea of what drugs can do 2 you, and how scay they can be. People think "oh this won't happen to me" but it can, and it will, and those are the types of people who end up in teh hospital dying because they just took it way to far. anyway-go ask alice is amazing and really touching. i highly reccomend!!!
Anonymous posts on 2/27/2005 4:12:23 PM Is "GO Ask Alice" fiction, or non-fiction?
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