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posts on 10/10/2006 10:26:49 PM oh my goddess, Avi's books are horrible! They all end all too predictably and sometimes stupidly. I'm NOT wasting my money on his books anymore.
posts on 10/9/2006 8:20:12 PM does any1 know what AVI's last name is? plz tell me, FAST!!
posts on 9/18/2006 9:08:06 PM I think The True Confessions of charlotte Doyle is a horrible and very boring book!!

posts on 9/16/2006 10:41:30 PM Some substitute that we had said that Avi's last name was Wart. She said since his last name was Wart, he went by Avi instead of Avi Wart. That's reasonable cause that's probably what anybody would do if their last name was Wart.
posts on 6/7/2006 9:55:47 PM Charlotte Doyle? Well, for one, she certainly is just the slightest bit of a coward, I have to say that. But she has spirit and underlying determination behind all that. Toots!!
posts on 5/1/2006 2:53:55 PM This was a very good book, and Avi is one of the best writers in the U.S., I think.
marlaena posts on 1/29/2006 3:36:30 PM i have to write a report, could you give me a example or a review of the book? please? thank you so much. i owe you big time! <3
Vicky posts on 12/13/2005 9:39:18 PM i cant think of a personallitie trait for charlotte doyle. can some one help me?
blank posts on 11/29/2005 6:31:37 PM Avi has the best books ive ever read. I think avi has great talent and structure to his stories. I think everyone should read at least one good Avi book. I sugjest Man From The Sky. =]
Jacy posts on 8/23/2005 10:04:48 PM I loved the book, but I have a huge test on it tomorrow!! Im scared!!
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