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Rae posts on 8/26/2005 11:04:51 AM Sue is absolutely right, Outlander is a MUST. I read it several times and I am reading the 4th book of the Gabaldon's series. But IMHO, only the first book is exciting. Isn't it a coincidence that in Outland and Kingdom of Shadows, both heroines are called Clare? Oh yes, in Timeline, there is a Lady Clare too! :-) Ahem, I'm a great fan of Gerard Butler and I'm hoping that he will play the role of Jamie Fraser in Outlander. It is quite beyond me that no Hollywood director or script writer or whatever is interested in making a film from Lady Of Hay, or Kingdom Of Shadows. xoxoxo
Sue posts on 8/26/2005 6:35:19 AM The first Diana Gabaldon book is a must, Cross Stitch in the U.K. Outlander in the U.S.A.. You'll never read a book like it, I am still amazed by it, also I highly recommend Sharon K> Penmans "Here Be Dragons", both written by U.S. authors. Enjoy, all are available on Amazon by the way! Have a good weekend, I'm currently re reading Fiery Cross (D.G.) in time for her new one due in September, can't wait! Kindest Regards Sue.
Ivy posts on 8/25/2005 9:46:21 PM Hi Sandra! Thanks for the input about Ebay. Prices are good, but kind of expensive to ship to U.S. I don't mind paying, but I want to be sure about the quality. A book in poor condition is just as heavy as a book in good condition! What do you think about Kingdom of Shadows? I found Clare to be such a strong woman. Isobel is really interesting, too. I like the way the author blends Clare and Isobel together. And thanks to everybody on this board (chuckle!), I think I have found another "must read" author -- Diana Gabaldon! Any recommendations for a first read? Ivy

sandra posts on 8/25/2005 3:11:50 PM hi ivy. I have just finished child of the phoenix and it was absolutely amazing. I live in Scotland, not too far from Stirling Castle where some of the book was based. I have now started Kingdom of Shadows and I have just bought lady of hay so plenty to keep me going at the moment. Have you tried ebay. I have bought all my Barbrara Erskine books from there and they are not expensive.
Sue posts on 8/24/2005 5:15:07 AM Hi. I have been a devotee of Barbras books for quite a few years now since reading Lady of Hay, I loved Kingdom of Shadows, fell in love with Robert the Bruce! Child of the Phoenix I have re read many times, I live in South Wales but love North Wales and have visited the sites in the book many times, House of Echoes scared me to death it was excellent, Hay I have visited its lovely but the book shops are very expensive. I also love the books of Diana Gabaldon and am currently re reading Fiery Cross as her latest is due out in September, can't wait! I can also highly recommend The Princes of Gwynedd books by Edith Pargetter, who also writes as Ellis Peters, excellent research carried out for her books, she knew her stuff! Happy Reading - Bye from a wet Wales today. Kindest Regards Sue.
Ivy posts on 8/23/2005 10:43:28 PM Hi! I agree with you, Rae, about Kingdom of Shadows. I just finished it and loved it. I can't wait to find a copy of Child of the Phoenix (Isobel's great- grandaughter). I recommended B.Erskine to a friend at work. She read Lady of Hay and really enjoyed it. I think I have created another fan. I loaned her my copy of Kingdom of Shadows. Anxious to hear her reaction. Wish I could see some of the places written about!
Rae posts on 8/22/2005 5:22:58 AM Hi Bev from Cornwall! I'm glad that at last someone is sharing my love for "Lady of Hay". You are so lucky to have visited Hay -- unfortunately I could find no pictures whatsoever on Hay (on the net) 'cause I would love to visualize how it looks like! All I know is that it is near Hereford and Brecknock. I lent the novel to a friend and she never returned it to me, which really is annoying. I'll try to read Sea Music one day.
Bev Trodd posts on 8/21/2005 6:55:18 PM Hi rea I agree Lady of Hay is the best I'v read it about a dozen times and have visted Hay its a wonderfull place full of history and book shops cant waite for the new Barbra Erskin have you read sea music and another life by Sarah mcdonald she is local to me in cornwall anyway good reading
Rae posts on 8/21/2005 5:59:16 PM I've read all Ms Erskine's novels and I am surprised that no one person mentioned about one of my favourite novels, Lady of Hay, which I read 3 times. No doubt it is by far the best of Ms Erskine's book, and the second one is Kingdom of Shadows, which I read twice. It's such a pity tha I love historical novels and I do wish that Ms Erskine will write a book on King Henry VIII and his 6 wives. I read 'The Outlander' series of Ms Diana Gabaldon which are excellent. Michael Crichton's Timeline is also worth reading.
Ivy Snyder posts on 8/14/2005 4:07:24 PM Hi! I am new to this board. I found it while looking for books by Barbara Erskine. I read "House of Echoes" MANY years ago and loved it. I was thrilled to find out that she has written so many more books, many of which are not available in the U.S. I need some help from you folks. I read that two of her short-story books have many of the same stories. Is this correct? If so, which book is better? I am having to purchase most of these books from overseas sellers. It is kind of spendy to have them shipped to the U.S., so I would like to avoid purchasing practically identical books. I am excited for her new book next year. I am lucky in that I haven't read a lot of her books yet, so most of them are "new" to me! I look forward to hearing back from fellow Barbara Erskine fans! Ivy
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