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Jenny P posts on 1/16/2006 2:28:51 AM Johno123, I think the book you are refering to is April Fool's Day. The book is about Bryce Courtney's experiences with his son, Damon, who has Haemaphilia. It's a brilliant book, so try googling "April Fool's Day - Bryce Courtney." & you might get something. Later
Luigi posts on 1/15/2006 12:16:39 PM Dear Mr. COurtenay, i'm an Italian man and my name is Luigi. I read your name for my first time four years ago on internet, while i was looking for information about the film 'The power of one'. I learnt it derived from one book. So, since that moment my only thought was to have that book. The reason is that i like English language and so i usually read in original language, than i like boxing and i'm strongely attracted by life coaching contests. I read it and i found it really exciting, 1000 times better than film. Now i really hope to know you, to have the possibility to talk to you, because i found you a relly interesting person, especially when i learnt PK was a part of you. Now i say you hello and i hope you could read and answer my message.
Johno123 posts on 10/18/2005 10:29:52 AM I can vaguely remember reading a Bryce Courtenay book which included references to "Dad facts", but cannot place the title, or the details of the references. Have googled to no avail. Thank you for your help.

p mckechnie posts on 8/25/2005 8:43:25 PM thankyou, for all the enjoyable reading you have given me and my family
Elena posts on 7/16/2005 1:12:11 AM I finished reading the power of one when I was about 10 years old and I didn't understand it at all. Now I'm 12 and I read it for labrinth and think that it is a fanatastic and exciting book.All people should one day read it.
press enter posts on 5/2/2005 10:39:49 PM i hav read the powa of 1 and i think PK should die in the end. i havnt finished it yet so i dont know if he does or not
Jenny P posts on 4/26/2005 6:27:54 AM I'm a HUGE Bryce Courtenay fan. I know he was born in 1933 but does anyone know what month & date???? Please email me if you know THANKS
Jim Congreve posts on 4/20/2005 9:30:21 PM Can anyone please give me Bryce Courtenay's postal or e-mail address Thank you Jim
ranjan rao posts on 4/8/2005 3:55:53 PM I just finished the "Power of One" ,my first one from Bryce. I think its one of the best books i have ever read. It tells a lot about africa and i believe its a must read for those who think life is tough. One question to everyone is this book real??
Michael Jackson posts on 4/4/2005 5:12:24 AM I read the book. Wasn't too bad. Then I watched the film (both for year 10 english). The best part of the film is when Maria is smashed on the head with a truncheon. I laughed all the way to mexico!
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