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Pat Surrey posts on 10/19/2007 2:18:38 PM I am trying to get on your Q & A page but am having a hard time. I have sent two e mails and no answer. Cab you help me?
Pat Surrey posts on 10/17/2007 8:12:57 PM Ms. Harris, I am a new reader and have to say I am so glad I've found you. I have read just about everything you have written except the Teaguard( I hope thats right). I can not express how much I enjoy your work. I love Sookie and find Harper fascinating. I just hope her and Tolliver realize they love each other as a man and a woman and not brother and sister. Lily is a great character but its disappointing that someone so well trained gets beat up so much. I still like her. Again, Thank you
Charlaine Harris posts on 7/25/2007 9:57:50 AM I don't have a contract for more Teagarden books: sorry. Thanks for the compliments on ALL TOGETHER DEAD; I've turned in the next book in the series. Charlaine Harris

Haley posts on 7/22/2007 12:24:09 AM Dear Ms. Charlaine Harris, Your books are enchanting! I've read all of your Lily Bard books. Lily was such an inspirational character. I'm really going to miss her! However, I'm quite pleased with Sookie Stackhouse. I haven't read All Together Dead yet, but I'm looking forward to it! You've inspired me to share my own stories with family and friends! I hope someday I can be as blessed as you've and publish a novel! I joined your community board today, on your offical site- maybe I'll see you there someday? Haley
Geny posts on 7/6/2007 3:23:54 AM Heya:0 I'm from Romania and I readed the first 3 books translated in romanian. What can I say? I just LOVE're style is so unique...and now I just wait to appear here "All together dead" translated. It's a great book;)
Diana posts on 7/5/2007 5:01:31 AM Yes, it's true that ALL TOGETHER DEAD is just brilliant, one of my favorite books of the collection!!! YI reallly liked seeing Bill, because I think that the poor man was only following orders, and that he fell in love with her at the end. I hope that she'll forgive him and give them another go. Keep writing such books!!!
Pat Stribling posts on 7/4/2007 9:17:02 PM I re-read the first books every few months, and think that the Teagarden characters are the finest and strongest ones in many books by any other writers. I read somewhere that there is ONE more of them contracted for, and am still waiting for it each month/year. I shall be reading about Teagarden often. I think that the silly red head should be gotten rid of, and she should go on and have her baby, married or not. PS
Charline Harris posts on 6/30/2007 6:34:14 PM Hi everyone sorry I have not been on glad your liking the books~Charline Harris.
Charlaine Harris posts on 6/13/2007 2:50:31 PM Very true, Elie. Glad you liked the book. I'm working hard on the next one. Charlaine Harris
elie posts on 6/11/2007 3:27:17 PM I just loved All Together Dead!! There was so much action once you got past the slow beginning. Sookie, at first, didn't sound like herself but, I put that to her still reeling over the betrayal by Bill. I felt sorry for Bill-he was just following his Queens orders when he first met Sookie and I believe he did fall in love with her. I feel the attraction between Eric and Sookie is possitively erotic!. The smoke from their attraction almost causes the book to catch fire! Why he is so obsessed with Sookie is a mystery only Ms. Harris can explain , but I believe he also fell in love with Sookie when he lost his memory and became the real Eric- the person he may have been before he was turned. Quin is also a great character and has the best possible future chance for Sookie to get married and have a semi regular life. I still love Sam best though. He is steady and would make a great husband for Sookie. But when have women always made the obvious best choice in a mate?
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