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Jennifer Tobkin posts on 1/1/2012 Jennifer Tobkin has just written a review of Stotan! which you can see here
Bobbie Serensky posts on 1/1/2012 Bobbie Serensky has just written a review of Chinese Handcuffs which you can see here
shawn posts on 5/22/2008 8:59:15 AM This book by Chris Crutcher... "Stotan" is an amazing book.. Yea i dont like to read but I know a good book when I read one and this is it so go read it

EsmeIsIn posts on 2/25/2005 9:38:18 PM Oh Wow, I'm the first poster! Well I read /Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes/, her name is quite ironic don't you think? I mean Sarah's name

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