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Haley posts on 9/29/2007 5:31:16 PM oh please write another book i was hooked from the start! i've never been so attached in my life i feel almost like Elinor though a may be a kid.i dont think i cant go another minutes without thinking what will happen next i wished that i could read out people from the pages of book's and read my self into one like meggie! i just can't wait i wonder and dream about whats going to happen! please write another book or possibly make a series!! Please?
Rainfur(CC She/Sharpclaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 9/1/2007 9:31:03 AM I bet she will, but I'm hoping she will write a sequal to DragonRider.
Rainfur(CC She/Sharpclaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 8/28/2007 9:50:34 PM I'm always on the EH board but thats me.

potato posts on 8/28/2007 9:47:44 PM well this board really is dying. all of the old people are gone...not that theres anything wrong with you guys! we should start talking about something. like what do we think is going to happen in inkdeath? and what "other board" is way more active? tell me! please...well, bye!
Rainfur(CC She/Sharpclaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 8/28/2007 6:57:01 PM I never read the Theif Lord, so I wouldn't know. I guess I should read it.
Rainfur(CC She/Sharppaw(she)/Flame(she) posts on 7/19/2007 7:17:14 PM ( I wonder how Inkdeath is going be..)
inkrox posts on 7/19/2007 6:15:42 PM ohh i wish i had cornelia funkes address cuz if shed e-mail me id scream until i explode and i would still be screaming i love her im like her 1# one fan she wrote all my faveorite book i wish she would write more because she rox at it
inkheart lover posts on 7/5/2007 10:47:19 PM I love your books,especially Inkheart,i am reading it right now!
kaykay posts on 4/22/2007 11:25:28 PM I liked/loved theif lord, but i think it had a horrid ending! it seemed tooo child-like....anyone agree?
thief lord lover posts on 12/31/2006 9:41:37 PM is there more then one person on this thing? or is this all one person? anyway... is cornelia funke writting a second thief lord book? there's a rumor she is, but i'm not postive. i think the thief lord movie was a little to much unlike the book for my liking. but i still love it.
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