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Gracey posts on 4/27/2005 6:55:15 PM where kind i find cahpter summaries of the book
Pru posts on 4/26/2005 1:09:36 AM Never mind, I already found the chapter summaries on another website. Go eat mildew... No one here helps anyone!!!
Brittany posts on 4/25/2005 6:13:03 PM i really need chapter summaries for chapters 5-9 and ive looked all over... so if anybody knows of some that would be great!

Melanie posts on 4/25/2005 6:14:44 AM when did corrie become a christian and why
amanda posts on 4/25/2005 12:15:54 AM i need a summary of chapter 7,8,9 if anyone knowsa anythign about them please help!!
Pru posts on 4/17/2005 1:47:40 AM Please help me if anyone has the hiding place chapter by chapter summaries i would be VERY grateful!!
Gabby posts on 4/3/2005 4:02:39 PM man i have a stupid dumb-ace written & oral report due 2morrow and i havent even started!!!! im haven troble findin a bio!!! =)
alice posts on 3/21/2005 8:31:27 PM Does anybody know of a site that gives questions to the book "The Hiding Place" that I could use with high school students?
Kat posts on 3/14/2005 4:38:24 PM First of all, you have to totally read this book. It is amazing and you will learn so much through the struggles and victories of the ten Boom family. Corrie and her sister Betsy lived in a watch shop in Haarlam, Holland. The Nazis entered and began excommunicating Jews to concentration camps. The ten Boom family hhid several Jews and helped others find hiding places. God totally provided for them. But they did get caught eventually and were sent to a concentration camp. Corrie and Betsy relied on God's strength to get them through and did not jsut barely make it, but brought joy and hope wherever they went. Betsy died in camp, but Corrie made it out. The most amazing part is that she harbors no bitterness, but even builds a home for the Nazi persecutors to recover. She is amazing and you will learn so much from her as you walk her journey alongside her faith.
Tiff posts on 3/9/2005 7:03:14 PM i really need a summary on the whole book cuz i have this like huge final on it!
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