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Breanne posts on 3/20/2008 11:21:04 AM My teacher is reading The Magician's Nephew and not to be mean or anything,I really don't like it.It's not that good SO FAR.We're at the part when the queen wants Diggery and Polly to take her to their world and her sister made her say the word and everything except her died or something.And I heard Prince Caspian is coming out May 17th the day after my sister's birthday!But I cannot believe it's not rated yet.It's supposed to be for kids and I think they're going to rate it PG 13 is what I heard.I want to see it.The other books look way better than the first one.I'm pretty sure so far that they haven't said Narnia one time in the whole book except maybe when Mrs.Hill read the summary.
mini posts on 8/21/2007 8:58:09 PM hi clive Hi Clive my name is mini and i think ur boks r weally weally coll! r u ritting a new bok sonn?
Xenithar posts on 8/21/2007 6:58:59 PM Voyage of the Dawn Treader is coming out in 2009

meg posts on 12/16/2006 4:28:52 PM In 2008 Prince Caspian is comeing out... May 17 I think... I havn't been here in a while because I wanted to read the whole series insted of just talking about a few... I just finished.!
ice ball posts on 11/24/2006 5:55:07 PM hi how is everyon and it is my brothers birthday and also my mom died june 12th this year.... post me please...bye
NZ posts on 11/22/2006 9:12:20 PM Like a new the lion the witch the wardrobe? I dont think so....
Devin posts on 11/22/2006 8:46:36 PM it did,resently? i herd a new one was comming out like in 2007
NZ posts on 11/22/2006 8:44:16 PM The movie already came out! Do you mean like a second or something?
Devin posts on 11/22/2006 8:42:31 PM is there a movie coming out on the book? i herd that they were making a movie, and i dont know if its a rumor or
Patti posts on 11/19/2006 12:28:05 PM Could someone please give me their opinion of what the major theme of this book is?
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