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Alexandrea Berthiaume posts on 3/24/2005 1:07:51 PM I like cynthias books she makes them sound so real.Her books are always boring in the beginning but always good at the end.
niff posts on 3/16/2005 6:29:56 AM hello its me again, this message board is fun. cynthia voigt isnt. i do not think it is true to not judge a book by its cover, picture books are the best!
Naz posts on 3/15/2005 9:57:59 PM Cynthia Voigt's books are very good. They are long and boring in the beginning, but they are wonderful at the end.

jen posts on 3/14/2005 5:59:50 PM i neeed to know the settign of the book...where it started off to
Susie posts on 3/11/2005 8:48:46 PM a solitary blue is a wonderful book to read! It is about Jeff finding his own character and finding out how his mother and father fit into his life. It is not a boring book and don't judge by its cover because it is awesome!
Bob posts on 3/2/2005 6:49:00 AM I think that the bookwas the most amazing thing in the world i LOVED it i dont understand why "JEN" is moaning about it she a inspiring author and lots of people read her books and you can find lots of information about her
jen posts on 3/2/2005 6:41:08 AM i have to write a book review for cynthia voigt, i can not find any info because the world has not heard of her, i wonder why!
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