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Sarah posts on 11/30/2005 2:37:08 PM Hi, I'm on the website for the first time and I'm trying to do the gate game. I have the answer for number 2 (I think) but I can't find where to put it Help!
Danielle posts on 11/28/2005 8:07:49 PM Come on guys- does anyone know what I am talking about?
Anonymous posts on 11/28/2005 6:58:49 PM hey! thats new. Note: Your message may not post if (1) it has foul language, (2) it promotes other websites or (3) it is written in baby talk. it used to be different.

Danielle posts on 11/28/2005 6:44:19 PM Ok so I have finished the first quest- now how do you go on to quest #2. Please help. I am in Canada so i don't want to call the number and it says on the internet exactly what Dan Brown says over the phone anyways- Unless I'm missing something I can't get into quest #2.
Dinah posts on 11/24/2005 3:44:41 AM Hi guys,Does anyone have any suggestions for books I can read who are written by authors who write like Dan Brown?? Your help is much appreciated. cheers, Di
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