Debbie Macomber Message Board posts on 7/14/2009 2:37:20 AM Have read almost all of your books and have really enjoyed them.Living here in the Northwes and familiar with the Navy,makes them even more enjoyabl
Linda posts on 3/15/2009 6:43:00 PM I am trying to get on Debbie's blog or home page. All I get are lists of places to buy her books. I can't get into her site. If this is the new way of doing things I hate it. I enjoyed reading items on her own blog. Now I can't even enjoy that.
Lillian Steich posts on 4/18/2008 8:01:12 PM I enjoyed the Cedar Cove Series, waiting for an eighth. Think my favorite is Morning Comes Softly watching Mary and Travis's relationship grow.

sheila posts on 10/26/2007 5:24:39 PM My sister-in-law gave me some of your books. I love them and would like to know how they go in order so I can get the ones I'm missing. Starting with the 2006 books. Thank you
Jean B. Lyford posts on 9/12/2007 4:56:15 PM I have just started reading Debbie Macomber's book recently and would like a list of her books in order of publication so I can read them in order. Thank you.
Linda Bridgeman posts on 8/21/2007 1:26:37 PM Does anyone know if Susannah's Garden is the same book as Old Boyfriends? The synopsis seem to be the same, but why give the book another title? Or is it a sequeal. I would love to know as I don't want to buy both and they are the same.
Darla posts on 3/8/2007 11:23:46 PM I don't see another book of this series.
Jenice Ambelang posts on 3/8/2007 5:56:57 PM Is there a third novel which is a sequel to Someday Soon and Sooner or Later? Please answer if you can. Thank you! Jenice
joanGuida posts on 2/2/2007 11:57:22 AM Dear Debbie, Last year a friend of mine, told me about your Cedar Grove series. I am about to finins 50 Harbor Stree. How I wish I could meet all these great people. I just love Charlotte, Ben, Grace, Olivia and ofcourse Jack. I am about to purchase the 6th book. I also have purchased and have not read many of your other books.. Just love evey word I read.. Joan
pat smith posts on 12/30/2006 9:28:38 AM I am rereading the "Cedar Cove" books I was wondering if Ms. Macomber ever published a book of recipes? "Charlotte" always have these wonderful sounding dishes she get at the wakes. I'd like to try them. If such a book is available I'd like to know so I could purchase it.
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