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Mary @ the Lazy V posts on 10/18/2005 4:34:57 PM Be sure to go to her page and sign up for freebies!!!
Carol whitesel posts on 10/18/2005 11:24:23 AM I just finished reading The Christmas Basket. I got it yesterday and finished it today!! I have never in my lifetime read one that fast. It was EXCELLANT. I am now on a journey to read all of Debbie Macomber books. What a great author she is and how wonderful to read a book that is not full of sex and bad language. I amanxious to fill my libary with her books!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnnie Morrison posts on 10/7/2005 9:32:56 PM Thanks so much to Mary@thelazyV for your info on the book list I was looking for!!!!! This helps me out greatly!!!!

Johnnie Morrison posts on 10/6/2005 12:42:55 AM I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please send me a list of Debbie Macomber books in the order in which they were published and sold. I have several of her books, but haven't read them all because of not having all in the sequence in which they were released. It's no fun reading a great book, then finding out that is it the middle book of a trilogy. Thanks for your time in doing this!!!! I love her books and would like to have them all in my private library!!!
Tammy posts on 9/28/2005 3:15:52 PM I just got done with the cedar cove series books. I can't wait for the next installment. It would be interesting to see if she will write an entire book on Ian and Cecelia.
Gisele posts on 9/22/2005 6:08:25 PM Hi there, I am looking for a title of a book that I had borrowed from a library - my husband returned it by accident and I am unable to locate it. (Of course I can't remember the name of it)... It had 3 stories within this book. It was a paperback, but bigger than the normal paperbacks. It was a real pageturner (as like all of the other Debbie Macomber books).
Carla Mudd posts on 8/9/2005 11:59:34 AM I love these books, Have read the first 4 of the series and CANNOT FIND THE OTHERS. CAN YOU TELL ME WHERE TO GO TO GET THE OTHERS.
Sarina posts on 5/9/2005 12:24:20 PM I absolutely loved Navy Woman!! My fiance is currently in the Navy and reading this made me feel as if I am the heroine and my fiance the other one. LOLz Don't get me wrong, I love the guy. But, OMIGOSH!! A great read. I just couldn't put it down. Her work is awesome, I recommend her christmas books. They're so heartwarming.
Judy Goodale posts on 4/11/2005 3:21:21 PM I have enjoyed so many Debbie Macomber books, but had to write and say that this one is very special. As a cradle Catholic born in 1949, I felt I was reliving my past. Thank you for a wonderful, wonderful book. Sincerely, Judy Goodale
Mary @ the Lazy V Ranch posts on 3/24/2005 5:40:48 PM The order in which to read Debbie Macomber's books is by the first digit of the address: therefore 16 Lighthouse Lane is the first. They are awesome. Check out her website (her name plus "dot com") she just lost her mother (a model for the mom in the series) so send her a condolence email!!
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