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Shaith posts on 5/4/2009 5:51:53 PM I read the "Westing Game" in the 4th grade it's an AWESOME book but can get confusing sometimes... a lot confusing! Luckily I made it through! Don't cheat the book is SO much better if you read it till the end
someone posts on 5/31/2008 10:28:52 AM I am only on chapter 9 and i need to finish this weekend, if only I new whothe killer is.
destanie08 posts on 2/27/2008 11:02:25 PM this is a great book im on chapter 25 but iwent ahead the other day and i wasnt supposed to but i now know who the winner is its tabitha/turtle

harley posts on 1/8/2008 9:38:11 PM i think the westing game book is pure torture . it should crawl in a hole and die!!
barbra posts on 7/27/2007 8:35:23 AM hey i [heart] the westing game it was like sooooooooo great i read it for a like report and like now i made my own book club and now ive read most of her books u should really read this book , its fantastic!
posts on 10/3/2006 8:41:48 PM Who is the killer? I'm only on chapter 16 will I know soon? All I know is that the clues are a part of the song America The Beautiful. Email me info on the book at the email address above. thank you
posts on 10/1/2006 10:32:48 PM The westing game seems like a good book even though i haven't read it. Got a book report on it any help?? Summary on it any site useful.? Peace out [ D]!M9l3$
N I G G E R posts on 5/9/2005 12:14:59 AM that book was so great, I named my 3 year old daughter after one of the characters...then she gave me oral sex
Hannah posts on 4/26/2005 7:45:50 PM I saw the movie about a year ago and now my class is reading the book. My teacher already read the book and saw the movie (she doesn't know I saw it ) ans whenever she asks us who we tink did this and who we think did that and I tell her she looks so surprised its hilarious. I told her at the end of the class I that I think he isn't dead yet and she just smiled and told me not to tell antone. It's funny. By the way, if you need help with something about the book like you need to something for a book report or whatever just read the lats chapter or 2! Duh! -----Happy 13th Birthday to Me-----
kathy posts on 3/6/2005 6:50:09 PM What is the difference between j.j ford's smile and flora Baumbach's
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