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Helen posts on 8/30/2016 4:01:15 AM Wonderful writing....I bow to you Elizabeth.
Sandra posts on 2/5/2016 1:50:32 PM I've never been so moved by a book. I have only admiration and respect for you. Having survived such brutality and abuse, I don't wonder that you thought often of a way out. I hope your daughter continues to give you strength and purpose and that life has finally shown you kindness, respect and love. In the face of your courage, I too would bow low.
Brenda Wagner posts on 12/18/2012 11:57:32 PM The best part for me, was the best part for her... when the Korean girl bowed down to her. I bow down to Elizabeth Kim. She´s a beautiful woman. Her book touched me so much, and just want her to know that here in Panama there is someone who hopes her life doesn´t have too much heartache, and that it will have a happy ending. I´ve only read a couple of books in my life (I was born in ´54 also,) but I started reading this one & could not put it down. Will find out what other books she´s written & purchase them. Thank you for sharing your story. We never know the pain people are going through; it would be good to try & be kind and loving to others.

Diana van Gompel de Romero posts on 8/7/2011 12:41:53 AM I have just read Elizabeth Kim's book, Ten Thousand Sorrows, and am deeply moved by her story. No child and no human being should ever have to endure what she had to go through. It is a shame that so called Christians can be so ignorant and act with such lack of moral principles and kindness. If possible, please tell Ms. Kim that there is someone in Colombia who feels she is beautiful, that is proud of what she has become, and that sends her a big hug and many kisses.
Amy posts on 7/23/2011 8:27:21 AM I think that Ten Thousand Sorrows is an amazing book! It has really helped me to see through the eyes of another sufferer, and feel not alone. Elizabeth Kim; I admit, has suffered a whole different level to the tasks others find extreme, and I would despise anyone to think of her story as lies. I hope writing her story down, though it most probably was very difficult for her, has brought her great peace now that she has shared her story. I would love to know more about her road to recovery. She is a heroine in her own way.
E posts on 12/7/2010 12:10:34 PM Does anybody know where I can find a listing to send Ms. Kim a letter for a scholarship program?
Linda posts on 11/13/2010 4:14:36 PM I read this book and couldn't sleep. Please don't read if you are sensitive. I think it was written by a disturbed, sad indiviual who believes what she wrote, but don't expect truth. Maybe there are some elements of truth, but if those things did happen as she said and her mind was dark as she writes herself, then how can you trust that view? I think she overly romanticizes and portrays her birth mother in a saintly manner, and demonizes her adopted parents. E.g. she mentions a doll she received to play a joke on her grandmother, but who gave her the doll? Why would a deprived unloved girl even get a doll like that? She admits herself that she felt that she was unworthy of love, so of course any evidence of love from her adopted parents would have been ignored or misunderstood. I pray for her and anyone like her who is trapped in sadness and lies.
Ricky Fiero posts on 11/7/2010 11:33:00 AM I am about half way through Elizabeth Kim's book and I must say I teared up at the first page and it is hard for me to read. I was a soldier in Korea at the time she was born and again when she witnessed her mother's death and taken to an orphanage. I consorted with Korean women and this young woman could be my child but I doubt it because I wasn't stationed in Seoul. I never heard of the honor killings and the orphanages we supported took good care of their children.
Suzanne Gerard posts on 7/14/2010 6:54:51 PM I heard the book on tape of Ten Thousand Sorrows. I must say it is high time for you, Ms.Kim to begin to feel your ten thousand joys! I have my own adopted daughter and was appalled by the treatment of you as a child by a so-called "Christian" couple.I have known such people and have a complete lack of understanding for them.I have also known people such as your husband and can see why you at 17 felt trapped and that you had to stay with him. May your life now turn into nothing but the blessings of success and the love for your child.
Sophie posts on 5/31/2010 2:56:56 PM I wish to write to Elizabeth Kim, to tell her how much her story affected me. It touched my heart, she is so brave and couragous. I just wish to say that I think she is intelligent and beautiful. Love and Light.X
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