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Leslie posts on 6/24/2010 5:21:49 PM If you love a great thriller, you have to read Every Secret Thing by Emma Cole. From the 1st page I was hooked. The only down side is you can't put it down it's too great a book! Hope to hear your posts if you have time to read it this Summer!
onbdeb posts on 2/17/2007 5:56:40 PM Is there a new Amelia Peabody book by Elizabeth Peters for 2007 yet? I am eagerly awaiting the next installment!!
posts on 5/12/2006 12:20:58 PM Hey, thanks guys. I went straight from posting yesterdays message to Barnes and got "He Shall Thunder in the Sky" but-- it is still sooooo frustrating. I mean, Ramses knows what Nefret has been through and he doesn't seem to care at all! I just am so afraid that it won't be romantic at all and that all of these late nights burning the midnight oil for these two will be in vain!

posts on 5/12/2006 1:49:15 AM Things definitely do get better for Ramses and Nefret and Sethos,too. Peters continues with great plots and a great "cast". The third book after "He Shall Thunder..." is "Children of the Storm". Riveting!
posts on 5/11/2006 8:06:36 PM I know all we devoted fans feel the same way you do about Falcon. That is why you must read He Shall Thunder In The Sky. I won't give away the plot, just trust me, it is the continuation of Falcon and absolutely the best book of the series.Once you start reading it, you won't want to put it down.
posts on 5/11/2006 5:07:36 PM Ok! To all who have read Falcon at the Portal! I just finished it in a frenzy and feel as though my heart has been ripped out of my chest! Nefret and Ramses! What a Peyton Place disaster and it's so dark and horrifyingly depressing... I'm not sure I can go on. Is anybody out there who can tell me if it gets better (I mean significantly better) for Ramses and Nefret?
posts on 4/11/2006 8:56:20 AM I was a little surprised about how blatant it was. The book is called Icelander, by Dustin Long, and I'm sure the author would probably call it an "homage" or something, but there are analogs for almost every character in the Amelia Peabody series (though some of them have their genders switched). It was a strange book. I can't decide if I liked it or not. It's basically about the Ramses character (though in this case it's a woman) after her mother is dead, but her mother's name was Emily (Amelia!) and her father's name is Ymirson (Emerson!), and their "past adventures" (non-existent, as this is Long's first novel), are very much in keeping with the past mystery adventures of the Emersons, complete with a Sethos-like character, though instead of Egypt they're based in Scandinavia. I really don't know what to think. Perhaps this was done with Ms. Peters's blessing? If not, I find it strange that an aouthor would pattern a book so closely on another series. It's interesting, to say the least.
Mary Helen in San Francisco posts on 4/3/2006 2:10:58 AM Was puzzled by the reference to the Ward map. Then remembered there are various maps in the Amelia books. The one referred to appears to be in LORD OF THE SILENT. Ward was the illustrator for some but not all maps. One of the same type is in THE GOLDEN ONE. Can't answer Mr. Marzell's question. Maybe Ward made an error.
Mary Helen in San Francisco posts on 4/2/2006 3:01:21 AM Did I miss something? Where and what is the Jeffrey L. Ward Map? Am almost finished with my 6th reading of the Amelia Peabody series and have never come across such a map.
Paul M. Marzell posts on 3/30/2006 9:35:47 PM Noticed two locations for the T. of Thutmose III on the map by Jeffrey L. Ward dated 2004. Please advise which is the correct location, the upper northeast location just above the T. of Siptah or the lower southwest location just below the T. of Ramses III? Which one is correct, and what is the correct identification of the other tomb, if in fact it is one?
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