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Brndon Danowski posts on 5/5/2008 11:08:38 PM Dear Ellen, My name is Brandon Danowski I am from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I have read your book the "Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty." This book is captivating. I dont enjoy reading that much but when I flip open your book I am engulfed in the awes of your authorization skills, your book is really interesting because it seems that every entry that Patrick writes is very captivating and always interesting. We have learned about characterization and imagery and I have observed those things in your book, especially in the beginning when Patrick first arrives in Vietnamit almost seems that you were actually there.My dad was in Vietnam and according to his memory of that awful place,you were spot on. I would like to know how you know so much about the war andhw you could imagine the seting an weathering factors in some of the scenes? Is patrick a real person as well as all the other characters perhaps you some of them? Is this book based on real events or is it historical fiction? I hope you write more war books or any books, i just enjoy your writing.
mike posts on 1/23/2008 8:06:33 AM Ellen has a website. Go to Google and search on Ellen Emerson White.
Susan Bay posts on 1/14/2008 7:22:29 PM Ms. White, I am a second grade teacher and for years have read my students the book Santa Paws. I love the story! They love the story! My present students have written to you. When trying to locate your address, I was warned that you are very private and may not respond. No personal address has been found so I'm sending their letters to Scholastic Publishing in hopes that you will get them somehow. I hope if you do receive them, you will respond. They are so excited about writing to a real author and one that has written a book they love! What better way to encourage and empower them by answering their letters?!

Jenna McDonald posts on 10/15/2007 12:14:42 PM does anybpody know how to contact Ellen Emerson White??? I'm desprate for info!!! if you know how please post it asap!!!
Amy posts on 4/14/2007 3:28:17 PM My son just wrote a book report about one of Ellens books, the Vietnam journal. The teacher wants an "about the author" section filled out but I cannot locate anything about her. Any help will be greatly appreciated. It is due on April 16th!
Freda posts on 3/24/2007 10:09:35 PM If Ms. White reads this message forum, I want to let you know that you fill a necessary spot in the teen market. But as an adult lover of humor/romantic mysteries, I would love you to write more about Dana Coakley. "All Emergencies Ring Super" was so good, that years after buying it I have continued to look for your name whenever I am in the mystery section of a bookstore. You have so many fans, please continue this series!
Cat posts on 3/24/2007 8:58:44 AM my favorite part of the book was when Margaret got her first kiss it made me cry though because she had to leave him knowing that he was going to die and she was never going to see him was really really sad but it gives you a real insight in to how it would have been on the titanic
Hope Titley-Stanzle posts on 3/1/2007 6:21:01 PM hi i am 13 and i just finished your book and i did a book report on it because i love it so much. my favorite par of the book was when Margaret got her first kiss it made me cry though because they had a really nice time and then she had to leave him knowing that he was going to die and she was never going to see him again. i loved your book and I'm actually reading the dear Canada series but found this book and had to read it. it was probably the best book I've ever read and I'm reading a new book of yours. well thank you for that wonderful story and will read more of them for many years to come.
Anonymous posts on 2/27/2007 4:10:22 PM Hello my name is Jacey Hommy. I just love your book I am 13 years old, I guess it is interesting reading a book about an girl my age. I read Voyage on the Great Titanic it was really good! My mom and dad bought it for me in Las Vegas on the remake of the ship that they went on and they went to the gift shop and bought me the book. The part I loved in the book was the part when Robert and Margaret kissed! I have a question? How did you know that Margaret rote that in her diary and how did you know she had a diary? Well I hope you can answer my question! goodbye! From: Jacey
Stephanie posts on 2/19/2007 9:02:08 PM I read The President's Daughter, and enjoyed it so much, that I looked up the author, that I might get every Ellen Emerson White book published. I have never been as captivated with any book as in The Road Home. I read, and reread it again and again. I wish this wasn't the end to Michael and Rebecca's story. In the books written by this author, I feel almost as if I could be the character, they are so real. Keep writing Mrs. White.
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