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Ellen Raskin posts on 2/4/2005 3:38:22 PM Hello It is me the author of many books. If you have any qouestions ask
Anonymous posts on 2/3/2005 8:39:25 PM I read three of her books Tne westing game [i read three times] The mesterius dosaperance of leon [ i mean noel], and figgs and phantoms
Lady posts on 1/27/2005 8:44:36 PM he didn't really die in either case. his doctor was in on his 'game' (wasn't he a witness to the will?) so he could pronounce him dead on both occasions, when he was really alive.

Bob posts on 1/27/2005 6:41:20 PM I read The Westing game and I don't get at the end with the Eastman guy being the fourth disguise of Sam Westing at the end it says Sandy dies and they figure out that he is Sam So how could the eastman guy still be alive years after Samuel dies? Can someone please explain this to me!
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