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Robin Bailes posts on 1/1/2012 Robin Bailes has just written a review of Monk's Hood which you can see here
susan posts on 1/6/2009 3:53:42 PM I am re-reading another Cadfael book. When I get lonely for Shrewsbury, I just pick up a book and there I am. I am truly gratefuly to Ellis Peters for an old friend (cadfael).
chris posts on 3/11/2007 2:41:39 AM this book needs more summaries of it, i couldnt finish it and i need to find a summary somewhere on the internet and am having way too much trouble doing so.

posts on 8/24/2006 6:02:36 PM What's up with this review? This book is a mystery, yet the review gives away the best part of the plot by revealing who is NOT the villain (which the author takes great pains to keep hidden until the end). From the review we also find out who ends up married to whom and what happens to them after. This review should either be revised or removed.
Ira Pauline Leidel posts on 12/8/2005 7:56:19 PM I found a Brother Cadfael (Ellis Peters) book, Morderische Weinacht (Murderous Christmas) in German at an airport. I would like to read it with the English version to save on dictionary use. I can not find a corresponding English title. Any suggestions?
Jane posts on 10/16/2005 11:58:28 AM I need a summary for One Corpse Too Many. I really just couldn't get the hang of the book! please and much appreciation
Ellis Peters posts on 8/27/2005 11:18:45 PM I hate myself for writin' these idiotic books that only produce boredom and anguish to those who read it. I am the 95th corpse ... Farewell ... WingdaRdium LEVIOSA! Float my sexy corpse of Peters ... Die Cafael DIE!!!
MB posts on 4/15/2005 3:54:28 AM Just so you are aware, Ellis Peters died in 1995. I believe there are 20 books in the Brother Cadfael series and unfortunately there will be no more.
Siri Jones-Rosen posts a message on 1/27/2005 4:15:27 PM "The Virgin in the Ice": it is beautifully wirtten and plotted, gives a panoramic, realistic view of the Middle Ages, is graffic, brutal and yet compassionate and loving. One of the author's most endearing qualities is that her heros, villains and victims are always human beings - the victim is never, EVER merely an excuse for the storyline. Let me know how you liked it.
M.P.O. Books posts a bold assertion on 1/27/2005 4:54:08 AM Well, that's a hard question, because I think you should read the series from the first novel and then the sequels... However, One Corpse Too Many is a good book start with too. Another alternative: The Virgin In The Ice (good in this time of the year, at least in Holland with all the snow right now...).
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