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Gabriel Severiche Mogollon posts on 9/15/2005 8:48:26 PM Hi. Can you tell me, please, if I can get "Techniques of Fiction Writing" in Spanish? Thank you.
Mara Guerin posts on 7/2/2005 9:30:51 AM My name is Mara, I am 36 years old. My mother took the book about 40 years ago in the local lending library and never brought it back. I owe my name to the book and have been searching for my Sheftu over years. I have read the book at least 36 times and I am still not blasť.
Meg posts on 4/17/2005 12:22:50 PM I just read it the other day so I haven't been able to read it nine times! Lol, I LOVE it though and it is definitely going to be in my books of Library for my future children to read. I LOVE the characters. Sheftu is so awesome!

Leia Mara posts on 4/15/2005 9:40:45 PM Mara is one of my most favorite books of all time. I have read it at least 9 times. I love the characterazation!
Caroline posts on 4/13/2005 10:33:29 AM ditto what meg said :) it was sooo good!
Meg posts on 4/13/2005 9:38:13 AM Oh, my gosh! I couldn't put this book down! I ended up staying up and reading until 6:00am when I finally finished it. The way McGraw writes her characters is amazing! They are very strong characters and I wish when I write to do the same some day. A VERY clever plot line that is-just AWESOME! The romance is thrilling because once Sheftu admits he loves Mara he is torn thinking her a spy. I LOVE it! Again I loved the amazing way McGraw could paint a wonderful character in your mind with out going into elaborate measures of telling how their nose, hair, eyes, chin were all shaped. Again I loved this book, and I'm very glad to find a clean romance I can read. Thank you! Meg
Cary posts on 4/10/2005 7:36:27 PM I think this book was wicked good. I loved the action in it and I especially loved the end. Not to mention the romance which was really good, too. Definatly read it. (unless you can't handle a book with a complex plot.)
Jennifer posts on 4/1/2005 1:29:17 AM Does anyone have summaries for this book? I can't seem to find them anywhere! Its so boring [to me], I can't bring myself to read it...
julia posts on 3/31/2005 3:48:58 PM this book it super hard to understand i can't read it 'cause it is to confusing julia
Caroline posts a mild defense on 3/19/2005 12:33:21 PM This book is hard to understand only if you have very limited knowledge. It made a whole lot of sense to me, and had an awesome plot! i think you only need to say something like that only if you can write something better.
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