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Dave McFee posts on 4/14/2005 8:28:04 AM Here are two you might try. Gerald Hammond wrote the Keith Calder series (Calder being a gunsmith) and his partner, Wallace James, is a fly fisherman. James is the lead character in 2 books, "Hook or Crook" and "Sink or Swim". The series is set in Scotland.
PJN posts on 4/12/2005 4:10:03 AM I just have to say that when I first picked up this series of books it was almost impossible to put down,just can't wait for the next one to come out. I love the way he incorporates the use of hunting/fly fishing into his stories. I take it from his detailed knowledge that graham is a fellow fly fisher himself. Hope the next book is as exciting as the others. What books would you recommend that have similar plots/twists? PJN
SHARON POELLMANN posts on 2/4/2005 8:43:18 AM When is Graham Thomas going to have a new Erskine Powell book out. Any idea

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