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Heather posts on 6/3/2008 6:47:21 AM My boyfriend worked at the Blue Strawbery for 3 summers. He raved about the food and was looking forward to going back to the restaurant next week when we are meeting family in Portsmouth for a wedding/reunion. So he was obviously disappointed to find out it was no longer there. But I will be able to make his Father's Day memorable by giving him a copy of the cookbook! Thanks so much for enabling me to give him the most perfect gift!
Ann McCann posts on 1/24/2006 6:15:07 PM I'd love to go to one of his lectures. I career-changed to pastry chef, worked in Boston for a few years, and now I have my dream job as one of the two cooks at the new, beautiful, peaceful Hospice of the North Shore residence. The exec. director gave me her copy of the Blue Strawbery - and it is just as much fun as I remembered from years ago! "What to Eat When You Don't Feel Like Eating" has been an inspiration: I started making jello - from scratch, to capture a good, true flavor in an easy form. Sorry to babble - I love what I do; there are so few chances in life to give that kind of pleasure. So - I'll keep checking this site for information. And thank you all
Jean Porwoll posts on 12/17/2005 9:06:57 PM Dear James, Almost 30 years ago, a friend gave me a copy of the Blue Strawberry cookbook. I have packed and unpacked that book over the years. This month, I took it off the shelf and have started cooking from it with friends. The "non-recipes" are every bit as good as I remembered. Thank you, JP

Kathy Dolan posts on 11/16/2005 11:36:23 AM I attended Mr. Haller's lecture in Portsmouth, NH last night and it was very interesting! My mom is 80 and in poor health and has little appetite. The fish stew Mr. Haller spotlighted on his CD looked like something she would LOVE! Any way I can get the CD or the receipe for Fish Stew?
Randy posts on 11/9/2005 4:59:19 PM This book (as any one of Haller's most brilliant books) can make a cordon bleu chef out readers... The story is enjoyable & peaceful as well as the recipes... Very much enjoyed reading & learning...

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