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Amber posts on 6/20/2005 1:15:35 PM Kevin was in Vengence in Death when Eve and Roarke discover Jenny's body.
grannys24 posts on 6/19/2005 6:17:49 AM now could you tell me what book the little boy kevin was in he was adopted by the couple in book their daughter was killed by her grandfather thank you tammy d
joanne posts on 6/18/2005 11:50:13 PM I discovered Nora Roberts by chance about 12 months ago and since then I have constantly had a Nora Roberts novel going. Consequently I stumbled on to the JD Robbs series and dare I say that I am in love with both stories and the characters. I was wanting Eve and Rourke to take on Nixi or for this to be a turning point in there relationship to start a family of there own. However I was quite relieved that this did not and is yet to happen. Eve and Rourke are both inspirational characters and a family would change the dinamics of there relationship.

Amber posts on 6/18/2005 8:25:53 PM She was kidnapped in Midnight in Death part of the Silent Night Anthology.
grannys24 posts on 6/16/2005 8:20:15 PM i absolutely loved this book it was by far jd robbs best could someone tell me what book dr mira was kidnapped in i must have missed that 1 and i thought i read them all thank you
Laura posts on 5/31/2005 8:11:29 PM Heather,I was disappointed too because I liked Nixie so much, but when I thought about their reactions & fears I could see they've come a long way but are still too raw from their own horrific childhood experiences to believe they could be best for her, but they seem to be yearning for it. They're learning about healthy families -Roarke's Irish relatives,Mira& family, Peabody's family- and about kids - Kevin,now Nixie& Mavis's baby. Maybe a case involving abused kids& the shelter will help them come full circle and see they could be great parents. I keep thinking a case will send Eve over the line from legal to Roarke's "not-so-legal but just" side, she'll resign from force but they'll work together in PI type crimefighting capacity and they'll have homelife & schedule more feasible for family - although homicide cops DO have kids in the real world -the two I know are great parents despite the job,although they've never had cases like Eve's!
Amber posts on 5/5/2005 6:17:35 PM Sure Eve can stand for the dead, but thats just it they are dead she doesn't have to take care of them in emotional ways. And I think the problem is the demanding lives that Eve and Roarke lead they just do not have enough time to take care of a child and really I don't think they could handle having a ten year old around, and it would change the books too much if they took in this child.
Heather posts on 5/5/2005 4:51:49 PM Amber and Mame, Thanks for your insight. It helps a lot. I have to admit I am having trouble getting over this one (and I am not usually like this with books). However, if Eve can "stand for the dead" why can't she stand for a child?
mame posts on 5/5/2005 12:29:53 AM Take another look at Eve and Roarke. It's not that they are so into themselves that they don't take Nixie's because they realize that they are mentally incapable of being responsible for a child! Can't you see/feel that? It's not a personality fault, it's that something in each of them is broken. However, I do think that at some point within three years or so, they will either have a child of their own or the opportunity to adopt will present itself again and they will bring a child into their world! My God, it's definitely NOT a money thing!
Amber posts on 5/4/2005 2:24:11 PM I don't think it was selfish for Eve and Roarke for not taking Nixie in. Sure they have Summerset but, Eve in Roarke are hardly ever home. Nixie would be stuck with Summerset and in Virginia she would have a mother and father and even a brother to take care of her.
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