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Brett Gilliland posts on 1/9/2011 12:54:57 AM This message is for Jeff Rovin. Was or is the Return of the Wolf Man ever in ebook format? Do you have an electronic copy you would sale? I have an ebook reader and would love to keep a copy on it. I have read my paperback copy so many times it's falling apart.
Tim L posts on 5/13/2009 3:56:33 PM Mr. Rovin is an amazing writer! I LOVED Return of the Wolf Man so much that, after my house burnt down in 2003, I've spent all this time trying to find a replacement copy at a reasonable price. I'm only hoping that with the new Wolf Man movie coming out, the publishers have the good sense to put out a reissue. The only failing in the book is the sequels that came after it, because the publisher did not have the brains to keep Mr. Rovin as the author.
Marburg posts on 11/29/2005 2:01:17 PM Will there be any more books in the L.A.S.E.R. series? I really enjoyed the 2 that I've read. Marburg

Alice (not to be confused with a lice) posts on 10/12/2005 9:35:10 AM Hmm. It says this won't get posted if it is a semantic grunt like "book good". What about "book god?" What's up next and when? Anything under another name?
JoAnn posts on 9/10/2005 2:50:10 PM I am quite a fan of the style of Vespers and Fatalis. Am I able to look forward to more publications of this type as I have read my copies 2 or 3 times each. Really enjoy the detail and knowledge shown, plus the writing holds the readers attention. Am I the only one who has discovered these, as would think this type would have a "cult" following if you could call it that. Hope can look for more. Thank you for excellent reading material!
Annisha posts on 8/25/2005 4:35:23 PM I was skimming through your book "Fascinating Facts from the Bible" and within 10 minutes or so of reading I gathered a couple concerns. On page 61 under the subtitle 'It was Oliver Wendell Holmes, not Jesus' I believe you are stating that Holmes(1809-1894?) came up with the term 'turn the other check' although you leave the door open for people to believe that Jesus is quoting someone. Could you be more specific on what exactly is your point in making reference to 'It was Holmes, not Jesus'. Also, I noticed on page 48 there is a picture of The Last Supper, within this picture the men are sitting up while at dinner, although most people who know the details of history would know that in Jesus' day people did not eat at a table with chairs, they laid down to eat, in such a way that either the man to your left or right would almost be laying in your bosom area (John 13;25). You should stick to the details of history and the context therein, since you have decided to write about the Bible 'facts'.
Chrid Todd posts on 7/1/2005 11:32:28 PM Jeff - I just finshed "War of Eagles and enjoyed the book, as I have your previous efforts. The tale moves quickly, with the help of good writing and short chapters, and it is does a good job of taking the central Op-Center characters to their next levels. As always, most of the chapters end with strong brief one-line sentences that are usually "zingers." I was a bit disappointed with your editors, though, as a few glaring errors jumped out. Gen. Morgan Carrie is introduced in Chapter 4 then her name is briefly Gen. Carrie Morgan in Chapter 24. Also, she meets the Marines seconded to Op-Center in Chapter 23 and they respond to her calling her "sir." Last time I checked, a superior female officer is addressed as "ma'am." I live in Mississippi and can tell you, being a deer hunter, that there is no way venison can be sold at meat markets; it's against the law. Also, although the Choctaw tribe has an extensive developement with the Silver Star and Golden Moon casinos, there is very little else in Neshoba County in the way of golf courses or resorts. Finally, you may find a tavern in Wis., Mich., or Pa., but not in Mississippi. Bars or juke joints, but not taverns. Please forgive any mispellings; I can't read this small type very well and have misplaced my reading specs. Rest assured I will continue to look forward to future Op-Center books and will snap them up as soon as they come out. I just hope Berkley Books assigned better editors and researchers to them. ct
Brian Lewis posts on 6/29/2005 1:13:35 PM Hi Jeff, I'm reading War of Eagles and noticed on page 101 that you have Taiwan police inspector Chichang using a snub-nosed .38 and the "safety was off". Could you tell me what company manufactures a snub-nosed .38 that incorporates a safety? By the way, I enjoyed all of your other Op-Center episodes as well as this one.
Jeff Rovin posts on 6/19/2005 1:55:37 PM I wonder if you also trash the screenwriter when you don't like a movie. By the way, it's "Pieczenik"
Jim Silsbee posts on 6/18/2005 3:38:12 PM I got about 1/3 of the way through this novel and quit. There are just too many mistakes and discontinuities in this novel to make it enjoyable reading. for example: NCMC is mentioned on p12 but not defined until later p13; sentences do not follow logical progression in way too many cases (this is a real stopper); the bar in the Barre Crown Tower is said to be in the center of the room with a dance floor "behind the bar" (how so??); Herbert and Hood, (in his new office) exchanged "classified" information by phone without any reference to a secure telephone (STU); chapter 14, ist para is so poorly structured as to disconcert the reader (the 3d sentence interupts the 2nd and 4th sentence (no smooth flow); page 78 is poorly worded and causes the reader to pause in order to decipher what you mean -"What he 'had still been'.." is out of sync and should read "What he 'was'.." (poor flow); page 79 there is no preface to "Just as the revolutionary.."; I could go on and on, but you should get the drift. This book reflects poorly on the reputations of Tom Clancy and Steve Piecznik. I probably will not buy another Clancy novel written by someone else, and I definitely will not buy another novel you have written.
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