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J. Alexr. posts on 3/31/2005 12:00:58 PM Galactic Storm (1951) [Gill Hunt] [London: Curtis Warren, Ltd.] The Brink (1959) [London: Victor Gollancz, Ltd.] [Hardback] The Threshold of Eternity (1959) [Ace D-335] w/ Anderson Echo in the Skull (1959) [Ace D-385] w/ Nourse The Hundredth Millennium (1959) [Catch a Falling Star (1968)] The World Swappers (1959) [Ace G-649] also [Ace D-391] w/ Van Vogt The Atlantic Abomination (1960) [Ace 3300] also [Ace D-465] w/ Grinnell Slavers of Space (1960) [Ace D-421] w/ Philip K. Dick [Into the Slave Nebula (1968)] The Skynappers (1960) [Ace D-457] w/ Philip K. Dick Sanctuary in the Sky (1960) [Ace D-471] w/ Sharkey I Speak for Earth (1961) [Keith Woodcott] [Ace D-497] w/ Cummings Meeting at Infinity (1961) [Ace 52400] also [Ace D-507] w/ Bulmer Secret Agent of Terra (1962) [Ace F-133] w/ Chandler [Avengers of Carrig (1969)] The Ladder in the Sky (1962) [Keith Woodcott] [Ace F-141] w/ Williams Times without Number (1962) [Ace 81271] also [Ace F-161] w/ Grinell Listen! The Stars! (1962) [Ace F-215] w/ Roberts [Stardroppers (1972)] The Super Barbarians (1962) [Ace D-547] The Dreaming Earth (1963) [Pyramid F-829] The Psionic Menace (1963) [Keith Woodcott] [Ace F-199] w/ Delany The Astronauts Must Not Land (1963) [Ace F-227] [More Things in Heaven (1973)] The Space-Time Juggler (1963) [Ace F-227] [Interstellar Empire (1976)] Castaways World (1963) [Ace F-242] [w/ The Rights of Ohe] [Polymath (1974)] The Rights of Ohe (1963) [Ace F-242] [w/ Castaways World] The Whole Man (1964) [Ballantine U2219] [aka Telepathist (1964)] Hugo Best Novel nominee The Crutch of Memory (1964) [London: Barrie and Rockliff] To Conquer Chaos (1964) [Ace F-277] Endless Shadow (1964) [Ace F-299] w/ Fox [Manshape (1982)] The Squares of the City (1965) [Ballantine U6035] Hugo Best Novel nominee The Long Result (1965) [London: Faber and Faber.] Wear the Butchers' Medal (1965) [Pocket 50129] The Repairmen of Cyclops (1965) [Ace M-115] [w/ Enigma from Tantalus] [Daw '81] Enigma from Tantalus (1965) [Ace M-115] [w/ Repairmen of Cyclops] The Altar on Asconel (1965) [Ace M-123] w/ White The Martian Sphinx (1965) [Keith Woodcott] [Ace F-320] The Day of the Star Cities (1965) [Ace F-361] [Age of Miracles (1973)] A Planet of Your Own (1966) [Ace G-592] w/ Rackham Born Under Mars (1967) [Ace G-664] [Ace 07162] Quicksand (1967) The Productions of Time (1967) Father of Lies (1968) [Belmont B60-081] w/ Duncan Stand on Zanzibar (1968) Hugo Best Novel winner / Nebula Best Novel nominee Into the Slave Nebula (1968) [Lancer] [Slavers of Space (1960)] Bedlam Planet (1968) [Ace G-709] Catch a Falling Star (1968) [Ace G-761] [based on Hundredth Millennium (1959)] A Plague on Both Your Causes (1969) [London: Hodder & Stoughton] Double, Double (1969) [Ballantine 72019] Timescoop (1969) [Dell 8916] The Jagged Orbit (1969) [Ace 38120] Nebula Best Novel nominee The Avengers of Carrig (1969) [Dell 0356] [Secret Agent of Terra (1962)] The Evil That Men Do (1969) [Belmont B60-1010] w/ Lin Carter Black Is the Color (1969) [Pyramid X-1955] The Gaudy Shadows (1970) [London: Constible] Good Men Do Nothing (1970) [Pyramid T-2443] The Devil's Work (1970) [New York: W. W. Norton & Co., Inc.] The Wrong End of Time (1971) [Garden City: Doubleday & Co., Inc.] Honky in the Woodpile (1971) [London: Constable] The Dramaturges of Yan (1971) [Ace 16668] The Traveller in Black (1971) [Ace 82210] The Sheep Look Up (1972) [New York: Harper & Row] Nebula Best Novel nominee The Stardroppers (1972) [Daw UQ1023] [Listen! The Stars! (1962)] Entry to Elsewhen (1972) [Daw UQ1026] Age of Miracles (1973) [London: Sidgwick & Jackson] [Day of the Star Cities (1965)] The Stone That Never Came Down (1973) [New York: Doubleday] More Things in Heaven (1973) [Dell 05824] [Astronauts Must Not Land (1963)] Time-Jump (1973) [Dell 8917] Total Eclipse (1974) [New York: Doubleday] Web of Everywhere (1974) [Bantam Q8398] Give Warning to the World (1974) [Daw UQ1122] [Echo in the Skull (1959)] Polymath (1974) [Daw UY1217] [based on Castaways' World (1963)] The Shockwave Rider (1975) [New York: Harper & Row] Interstellar Empire (1976) [Space-Time Juggler (1963)/Altar on Asconel (1965)] Players at the Game of People (1980) [New York: Doubleday] The Infinitive of Go (1980) [Del Rey 28497] Manshape (1982) [Daw 498] [Endless Shadow (1964)] While There's Hope (1982) [Richmond: Keepsake Press] [Limited Edition] The Great Steamboat Race (1983) [Ballantine] (historical fiction) The Crucible of Time (1983) [Ballantine] The Tides of Time (1984) [Ballantine] The Shift Key (1987) [London: Methuen] The Days of March (1988) [UK: Kerosina] (historical fiction) Children of the Thunder (1988) [Del Rey 31378] A Maze of Stars (1991) [Ballantine] Muddle Earth (1993) [Del Rey 37851]

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