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Sue posts on 7/2/2013 5:54:44 PM Blood Moon is actually coming out at Halloween 2013. I apologize for the earlier post with the typo. The author now welcomes questions on his blog and fb. I'm so happy to see the series will is going to continue!
kelly posts on 8/28/2010 8:40:47 PM Does anyone know where to find the quote in the book "A Perfect Spy by John Le Carre" about standing up for yourself? It goes something like this... 'If I do not shat up for myself, who will, and if not now... when? And if I do stand up for myself what does that make me?" A chapter, a page number anything to locate it would be apprciated. thank you, kelly
Nikhil raj posts on 8/28/2009 4:47:03 PM I have always thought that Lecarre's portrayal of his protagonist women to be quiet unique in comparison,especially in his rich portrayal of their emotional mindset & feelings.i also find an uncanny similarity bw his characters of tessa quayle[constant gardener] & sophie[ the night manager].i am a great fan of him&wish him all the best of luck!

Anita posts on 6/3/2009 2:49:27 PM I really am a great fan of your books, and have read most of them. I wish you would write again using your character Goerge Smiley, as those books are by and large your very best work. DO you intend on doing this in the future? Please do not put 'George' to rest. Anita
M Moulding posts on 2/8/2009 10:39:28 AM My husband,David Moulding was in the same house at school as you(wearing yout David Cornwall hat).As we live in West Cornwall perhaps you might like to meet him for a drink where you could compare notes re life with pompous Tompous etc. I am not telling him about this message so he won't be disappointed if you don't think it a good idea. He was two years ahead of you but vaguely remembers a fair haired boy(??) but like you has mixed views about his years at Sherbourn. Phone no. 01326 564650
nancy dingwall posts on 7/24/2008 11:15:13 AM I read the Constant gardener and still don't know who killed justin. Help me out.
r nemechek posts on 7/12/2007 6:34:33 PM would someone relate the plot of "naive and sentimental lover"?
barrett newsom posts on 3/13/2007 8:16:00 PM Regarding The Mission Song, at the end, Philip and Sam seem to have an inordinate amount of information regarding Salvo and Hannah. If they were up on all these things, how did the encounters with Brinkley and Anderson take place without incident? If they only just tumbled to Hannah after she sent the email to Haj, how did they do it? I want to know what those guys are doing behind the scenes. Isn't it infuriating?
Elena S. posts on 9/26/2005 2:46:23 PM Tessa plays “wet-nurse” to the little black baby b/c her own baby (son) was born dead. Poisoned perhaps? The black baby's 15 yr old mother is dying of AIDS & the compassionate Tessa nursed the little black baby b/c she just wanted to help. While the young black mother's dies of AIDS, her 9 yr old brother & their mother wind up looking after the child. Tessa attempts to discover more about the enormous number of deaths occurring & seemingly related to the drug (Dypraxa)people are being treated with that is supposed to make them well but instead is killing them. Who is responsible for this madness? Why isn't something being done? Does anyone even care? Loved the movie EXCEPT the camera work was jarring unsteady & made me nauseous & also the director elected to shoot many of the scenes both in & out of focus. Just recently a friend & I were have a conversation about this very subject...greedy drug companies not wanting to cure people b/c it would cost them profits. Then, this movie, a bit too close for comfort IMO.
Alden posts on 8/29/2005 3:09:29 PM I've just read a scene in which it seems that Tessa has just lost her baby, but is nursing a dying black woman's baby. The poisoning question I've not encountered yet.
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