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posts on 10/9/2006 9:37:15 PM Cool. Nope. My school isn't parochial so we get out of school for pretty much every holiday. Do you go to private or public?
posts on 10/9/2006 4:34:46 PM I didn't. I want to though. Did you have school today? I didn't.
posts on 10/9/2006 3:56:20 PM You mean the book? Yeah I did, it was cool. I couldn't really find the clues though.

posts on 10/8/2006 1:57:04 PM Oh cool. Your the same age as my older sister. Anyways, did you read the Beatrice letters thing?
posts on 10/8/2006 7:42:25 AM Im 14, boy, massachusetts. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
posts on 10/7/2006 6:14:14 PM Oh i knew that:P Jkjk. Well... I'm 11, I'm a girl... && I live in Canada... how about you?
posts on 10/7/2006 4:33:17 PM ASL, age, sex(gender), location(state). My post it to short too. Blah
posts on 10/7/2006 11:51:23 AM My asl? Idk what your talking about. Okay my post is too short so I'm going to make it longer, Blah blah.
posts on 10/7/2006 8:40:00 AM Oh come on! You have to tell me now! What is your asl?
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