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helen C. posts on 2/19/2005 9:06:58 PM Linda Howard has always been my favorite writer. I think the finest book ever written was "Cry No More". However, I was very disappointed with "Kiss Me While I Sleep" and totally disgusted by "To Die For"; I find it hard to believe an author I have read for decades and encouraged others to read can be the author of such trite. Previously, on a scale of 1 to 10, I always rated Linda Howard's books as a 12+ but the last two would barely rate a 2 and I am being very charitiable. Finally, an author such high calibre should know these books were not of the standards of your other books. I miss the old Linda.
Miranda posts on 2/16/2005 1:22:31 PM I really liked this book I really felt for the characters Marc and Karen. This book made me care about what happened between them and what was happening to Karen as she fought to find out why she was being targeted. I would love to see more books like this from Linda Howard. I will read All the Queens Men next to see what story develops from John Medina.
Mary K. posts on 2/14/2005 2:26:12 PM Sorry to say, "To Die For" was a total disappointment, I absolutely detest books written in the first person whether they be by one of my favorite authors or not. So, alas after the first page I gave up, couldn't stomach the first person.

durenda dolan posts on 2/6/2005 2:19:05 PM I'm a new reader of Linda Howard, I just can't get enough of the humor and sex appeal of her subjects. Does anyone know how long she has been writing? I wonder if she really know such charters.I just finished dying to please, this was quite chilling.
MaryE posts on 2/5/2005 1:17:15 PM I was very disappointed with this book. I kept thinking this book had to be very old, even though the copyright is 2005; Blair, the main character, came across as a very, very dumb individual, an airhead. The male interest, Wyatt,is interesting and there is a strong presentation of his character. Overall, I expected more and better from LH. I rated this book 4 of 10.
Anonymous posts on 2/3/2005 7:08:24 PM who can tell me wat this books about and wat r the characters names and how they act
Pam posts on 1/29/2005 7:48:48 PM I really don't like first person books. I almost didn't read this one, even though I really like Linda Howard. I'm so glad I did read it. Can't remember the last the last time I ever enjoyed a first person book this much. She's got my vote. Super story. Thanks.
Mary posts on 1/23/2005 9:12:50 AM I have read almost all of Linda Howards books and wait anxiously for her next book to be out at book stores. However, I was totally disappointed in To Die For. I hated the first person narrative, and did not like Blair's personality, did not like the book, period. I am grateful that this wasn't my first Linda Howard book. If it was, I can guarantee I would never read another one of her books. But, fortunately, I know what a great talent she has in writing, so I will continue reading her books. After all, we are all only human and are entitled to one or two mistakes.
Gaby posts on 1/21/2005 6:29:18 PM I enjoy the majority of Ms. Howard's stories, with Mr. Perfect and Dying To Please topping the list. Her latest offering, however, has knocked all others down a notch on my "play it again" list. I received the sound recording as a gift and the moment I heard the narrator's accent, I was transported back my long lost "Young & Dumb" days in North Carolina. I was raised in Raleigh on the maxim "pretty things are meant to be spoiled" ... and it is the responsibility of the "pretty thing" to see that the men in her life spoil her sufficiently. I see Blair in a number of my friends, not to mention my more personal recognition. To Die For is a witty and accurate representation of a true Southern Princess and kept me laughing to the point of tears.
Suze posts on 1/18/2005 1:28:56 AM Definitely one of her best and kept me laughing like a loon all the way through. Slightly different than her usual intense characterisation, but no less fun. If you enjoyed Mr Perfect's laugh-a-minute screwball comedy, you'll adore this book too. Some people may not enjoy first person narratives, but I think she pulled off this one really well. The ending was a surprise to me but it still kept me laughing. Grab it!
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