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Sware posts on 5/12/2005 7:10:28 PM I was wondering, what was Mrs. Atwoods background/ family histroy was, what influenced her writing, what kind of poems she writes, what the overll theme of her poetry is, and if there were any qoutes on what others think of her work, i would really apprecaite this information
Bev posts on 5/6/2005 10:02:03 AM I'd like to please contact Ms Atwood, is there an adress i can write to to make sure she'll read and possibly respond to me?
Megan posts on 4/26/2005 7:47:14 PM hi my name is megan and i was wondering if i could contact miss atwood and talk to her about her poem writings this is because i find some of her poems incredible like "morning in the burned house" also i will be conducting a report on her and would just like to ask her a view questions

Shyla and Amanda posts on 4/6/2005 4:56:22 PM My friend and I are doing an essay on you Ms.Atwood being the Greatest Canadian Poet. We were wondering if we could have some information about yourself such as your greatest acomplishments. If you wouldn't mind comtacting us at the above address we would greatly appreciate it.
kylie posts on 2/17/2005 2:44:42 PM hi im a studient frm shoeburyness high school and i wan tto contact Margaret Atwood, i am woundering if you could get any information on her book 'cats eye', as i am stuck on my english course work. i would be delighted if there was a reply to this email and that i would hear from you soon. thank you for your time. your faithfuly kylie sams
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