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angie posts on 3/6/2006 8:23:46 PM I've just finished among the hidden. How many books are in the series and what's the order? I can't wait to read them all!
porsha posts on 2/27/2006 8:19:14 PM it is probley called among the free because with all the lost ids they all become fre
Blank posts on 2/23/2006 5:59:11 PM What's Among the Free suppose to be about? I haven't heard about it yet. With its title you would think it's going to have a really good ending. I think MPH should have used a differednt word in the title instead of free, but then again, knowing her writing, she's robably going to add in some twist to the end.

veravex posts on 2/5/2006 5:19:02 PM Turnabout is the lastest book i've read by Haddix. I must say that book was awsome. I read it for almost four hours yesterday!
Ahlam posts on 9/24/2005 12:46:25 PM i have read all of her among the hidden series and i cant wait till she comes up with a new one. shes my favorite author of all times.
Demina posts on 9/5/2005 8:31:44 PM Is Just Ella a science fiction fantasy. Or just fantasy.
Lisa posts on 5/11/2005 8:40:27 PM I recomend this book to people as old as twelve and up Margret peter haddix I loved your book.
Sara posts on 5/5/2005 3:48:49 PM Im doing a report on Margaret peterson Haddix.... Does anyone know the names of her mom, dad, sisters, or brothers??
PATTY posts on 4/22/2005 1:51:24 PM I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I EVER READ!!
Alex Worrell posts on 4/17/2005 3:20:04 PM I loved this book. It was funny but serious at the same time. Everybody should read this book!!!
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