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darren posts on 8/4/2007 9:09:38 PM winter knights wasnt that good compared to other books in this series. pity
Anonymous posts on 6/28/2007 5:47:02 PM vcxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
bla posts on 6/28/2007 2:39:00 PM Does anyone know how to contact them? (PAUL STEWART & CHRIS RIDDELL)

stone-pilot posts on 12/31/2006 10:06:43 AM You idiot - we know that the authors aren't going to reply, we just want do show are appreciation somehow and this is the best way. If you've really got nothing else to do other than insult people you've never met then please, for everyones sake either get a social life or just climb back under the rock you crawled out of.
stone-pilot posts on 12/23/2006 11:33:30 AM Becky, sorry that it's not Chris talking to you (he's the illustrator not Paul btw) but I thought I'd tell you about some other books he's illustrated as it might give you a better idea about him. There's "Scribbleboy" by Philip Ridley, "Somwthing Else" by Kathryn Cave, "The Swan's Stories" by Brian Alderson, "Gulliver" by Jonathan Swift and obviously almost every other Paul Stewart book- hope this helped a little bit
becky posts on 12/23/2006 8:58:34 AM to illustrator( paul stewart or chris riddel ?) i was just drawing one of your illustrations- because i love to draw and i love your particular tecnique of line drawing depictions- when i came across A DILEMMA. yOU SEE EVERY TIME I TRY TO SHADE LIKE YOU do WITH LINES AND CROSS HATCHING IT ALWAys seemes to come out as blotchy shading because i try to space the lines as close together as you do in your drawings. It even happenes when i use a finer pencer for egsample a 2H pencil ,so i was wondering if i have got the wrong media which bring me to the question. What type of media do you use- be it pencil or pen- and what size paper do you need to use in order to draw these characters in such detail,( because i know they must scale down the original piece so it can fit in your edge chronicle books) p.s; if you've got the time to write to me i would be delighted but i would understand if you didn't. your sincerly avid reader and well....drawer of your fantastic books becks
2kule4u posts on 12/15/2006 6:41:52 PM Its been a pleasure annoying you, I'm leaving this board is boring. Maybe in my next life I'll meet you again. Or maybe not. I never even read any of these books.
Jc posts on 12/14/2006 11:06:13 PM I guess you first wrote that in microsoft word and than spell checked it, i'm thinking im the one who got to you. anyways the second post was supposed to be before that other one but it wouldn't post it. And i haven't read any of the books so i wouldn't know what to talk about, i just posted here because i heard they were making a movie. But i guess i won so thats good, winning is everything. peace
2kule4u posts on 12/13/2006 12:28:03 PM Oh Jc-penny! you're such a little doorknob! All you can find wrong with me is my spelin and name calling and age love ya! but really you are the dip sh...t I have to hand it to you. I mean look at this logically, if you were a smart person you wouldn't continue to react and respond and get offended by me, you would ignore me if you were a few notches more intelligent and go on talking about what you originally came here to speak of, bet you can't even remember what that was! Well I'll remind you, The books silly! The books! Very good your catching on little one. And silly, don't think that you can break me down simply with little words. I like to respond thoroughly to what people say as to make sure I don't leave anything out and if you have a problem with that, well silly's yours! Love ya! And keep up the pasting! How did I do mom? Did I spill alright?
Jc posts on 12/13/2006 1:32:42 AM aDittude? Go back to elementary school. And by the way you don't know me so I guess that wouldn't make me a dip sh it then... And I'm guessing I got to you more then you have gotten to anyone else since you did such a gigantic post responding to my 2 lined comment. Dork head? Lame head? These books stink??? No wonder why you can't type, your 8 years old. These books do stink to you because you are only able to look at the pictures as you still have problems reading.
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