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Sissy Jacobson posts on 9/19/2005 3:38:16 PM Glynis: I think the title of her next book is KATHERINE OF ARGON, but am not certain. Melanie, if you'll go to Phillipa Gregory's website you'll find a bibliography of her books.
Glynis Perfect posts on 9/19/2005 12:56:16 PM I have just finished reading the latest in the Tudor series. Now I can't wait to read the next instalment, of which I sincerely hope there is. Phillipa Gregory makes history so much more interesting in her narrative. Mixing fact with fiction it is difficult to define which is which. Being a historian and reserching her subject well I remain convinced that there is more truth than fiction and the only bit of 'poetic licence' must be the dialogue! I would love to know if there is a sequel in the near future as there is so much more to tell about the fascinating and complex court life of Elizabeth 1.Her love life and the intriguing plots and politics during her reign make for fascinating reading.
Kree posts on 8/5/2005 1:11:19 AM I'm on my fifth Gregory book and I'm having the time of my life. I started out with The Other Boleyn Girl and I've been reading her every since. Currently I'm reading both Zelda's Cut and The Little House. Zelda's cut is a little more difficult to get through because I didn't realize I would be so uncomfortable with Troy's desires (I don't want to give away any details.) The Little House, on the other hand has been such an easy and enjoyable read. I didn't realize Gregory wrote straight fiction until I ran into these two books.

Ma´tÚ Verhille posts on 7/23/2005 8:34:38 AM I've just finished reading the book and I must say that i adored it. I'm hoping to read some more books of Philippa Gregory. she's an excellent writer.
Melanie posts on 7/15/2005 12:31:37 AM Hey everyone. For those who loved The Other Boleyn Girl, you HAVE to read THE WISE WOMAN. Most excellent. But, does anyone have a bibliography for Philipa?
Eileen Moore posts on 5/17/2005 12:26:59 PM I would like to find an unabridged audio version of this book. Does anyone know if it is available? Thanks!
courtney posts on 5/6/2005 1:00:29 PM i just heard that the book you seek had the title "meridian". good luck!
Diane posts on 5/5/2005 3:28:59 PM Does anyone know the name of the 3rd book of the Wildacre series. I read the first two, Wildacre and Favored Child, but I don't know what the name of the 3rd one is or if it's even out yet. Anyone know?
Seraphine, Xandria and Eade posts on 5/2/2005 12:26:07 PM When we first read "the other boleyn girl" we fell in love with the gripping touching stories by this fantastic author. we had to renue the book so many times the library gave us the copies. now we are hooked and are eagely awaiting more books on this genre of the tudor/elizabethan court. now all our friends are reading and passing on these fab books. We find them truly inpiering and educational. they have changed the way we think about the mysterious past that we have been uniterested in ,until now.
Naida posts on 2/22/2005 10:57:19 PM I also have just recently discovered this author and I will be reading all her books.
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