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Kathleen posts on 7/27/2013 10:42:48 PM I too was hoping for a fourth book, after The White Rose. Alas it appears there will be none. Previously he had suggested that there would be a sequel to The Spiral Dance, to resolve some of the plot arcs in that book. He seems to write and then leave the readers hanging. Honestly there had to have been a way to tie up the the plot lines dropped in The White Rose. I thought that he would have her return to the present, along with her unborn child; creating an entire new story line. There really was nowhere to go in the time of Edward & that jumped-up Woodville woman (LOL) Just my opinion and expectation.
Charlotte posts on 11/7/2009 6:56:32 PM Hey everyone, I have read two books: knight errant and Lady Robyn. The problem is that I live in Belgium, in Flandres, and I have read them both in Dutch. Because that is much easier to understand for me. Now I went to library yesterday and I saw that they didn't have the white rose. Not in Dutch and not in English. No problem, I thought, I will just buy the last book in Dutch in some bookstore. But I searched the internet and I haven't found it in dutch. Now I wonder if "White Rose" has been translated yet?
Cynthia posts on 5/26/2009 11:09:53 PM i really hope theres going to be a book 4! once i finished White rose i was really truly upset, and i wanted more. so is it a for sure things theres about book 4?

Paul Worosello posts on 3/3/2009 9:52:32 PM I am wondering how I can get my personal copies of books signed. Thanks, Paul Worosello
posts on 7/28/2006 3:28:14 PM I hope there is fiurth book and soon. I picked up Knight Errant in the Denver Airport and had to order the next two. Just finished White Rose this morning....Very unhappy that another one is not due out. Vrey unresolved. I am very unhappy with Edward....Hope it doesn't turn into the Anita Blake series...Loved her and then too much weird complicated relationships and sex. Love the historical background in the Robyn series.
posts on 7/6/2006 11:52:27 PM Is there going to be a fourth book in this series? If so, when?
posts on 6/2/2006 3:56:25 PM I just wanted to thank this message board because I stumbled upon the Lady Robyn series and absolutely loved them, and before reading White Rose I thought it was to be the end of the series. I felt very disatisfied at the end of White Rose thinking that this was how the story was going to end, but now that I know there will be another book, I am utterly relieved and just wanted to say thanks!
Bianca Hamblin posts on 2/11/2006 8:51:23 PM Just found out that new book is called Firebird and will be released on May 16th. But it is Not the fourth book in the Lady Robyn series! It's about a girl named Aria, a knight named Sir Roye de Rye, an egg from the firebird & their quest to return the egg to it's nest. Sounds good, but not what we were hoping for..
Scarlet posts on 1/12/2006 9:36:49 AM Have not heard about the next Lady Robyn, but a new novel FIERBIRD May 2006. Hopefully that means Lady Robyn will be back soon.
Christine posts on 11/19/2005 12:57:40 PM Has anyone found out if there will be a 4th book. Please let us all know.
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