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Vinland Dreamer posts on 10/5/2005 2:40:21 PM This is the order I come up with. Some of the copyright dates may be off a bit, but I believe the actual order is accurate: Stranger to the Ground (1963); Biplane (1966); Nothing By Chance (1969); Jonathan Livingston Seagull (1970); A Gift of Wings (1975); Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah (1977); There's No Such Place as Far Away (1978); The Bridge Across Forever (1984); One (1988); Running From Safety (1994); Out of My Mind (2000); The Ferret Chronicles: 1. Rescue Ferrets at Sea (2002) 2. Air Ferrets Aloft (2002) 3. Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse (2002) 4. Rancher Ferrets on the Range (2003); The Last War: Detective Ferrets and the Case of the Golden Deed (2003); Flying: The Aviation Trilogy (2003) [contains: Stranger to the Ground, Biplane, Nothing by Chance]; Messiah's Handbook (2004)
kylie rao posts on 10/5/2005 12:40:43 AM i wanted to recommend R.B. to friends, so someone please post the reading order of his books. i started with Bridge Across Forever which can't be right. by the way i'm one of the few people who love all his other works but hate J.L.S.
yamit shah posts on 8/28/2005 10:18:28 PM 1) What were the characteristics of Jonathan livingston Seagull with emphasis on his qualities of leadership? 2) What were the problems of a high achiever of the different responses possible to obstacles 3) Richard Bach's representation of human potential. 4)Draw parallels between the bird world and the business world and give examples of actual cause;both domestic and international.

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