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Triniwomyn posts on 12/2/2006 8:25:11 PM Does anyone know whether Robin Cook travels to various bookstores to talk about his work? I'm interested in meeting him in person.
Brandy Thurston posts on 12/2/2006 3:31:07 PM I have read it and love it. It made me not want to eat at any fast food restaurant for awhile. To answer the high school kids question about toxin. If E. coli is not treated can lead to death. Reading about when the charachter was in the meat factory I almost could not even touch or look at any meat.
Ginny posts on 12/2/2006 2:14:33 PM I just finished Crisis. The last sentence was very confusing. Was that really Craig in Cuba taking on Ralp Landrom 's identity? I hate the way that book ended so abruptly.

Triniwomyn posts on 11/30/2006 3:40:19 PM I LOVE Robin Cook's books. I've read them all. Help needed. I read a book but I can't remember which one it is. I want to re-read it. It's about an underwater world. Does this sound familiar to anyone? The character that Jack saw in Cuba was Craig. He killed his patient and took his identity. After the patient died he realized that other trial patients could possibly die. So he had a contingency plan. Craig is crafty. He actually hired someone to scare his kids...he didn't want Jack to dig Patience up. He's probably a good actor and played off know Jack with ease. One would think that I spoke with Robin and got insights on this book, but I haven't. It's just what I think happened. What's your thoughts?
Andrew posts on 11/29/2006 8:57:25 PM I am doing a project for my senior english class and I could really use your feed back. Question 1-Have you read Toxin, and what did you think about it? Question 2-Do you think e coli is as serious a problem as Dr. Cook made it out to be in Toxin?
Lorry Norton posts on 11/23/2006 9:12:14 AM I just finished reading 'Crisis'. It was fabulous, exciting, much better than 'Seizure'. But I'm confused about the ending. There is mention of a character named Ralph Landrum that looks like he could be the twin of Craig Bowman, but isn't. He's alive and well in Havana, Cuba. But according to Alexis Bowman,Craig's wife, he died about a year previous. I know there is a connection there, but for the life of me I can't get it. He supposedly died around the time all the trouble started for Craig. But what is the connection? Anybody?...
Vance posts on 10/25/2006 2:17:57 AM I also need some good hard facts on this mans life, all i find are half a page reviews merely saying where he went to school.
Betty posts on 10/24/2006 9:21:53 PM I really need to find some good information about him. all i can find on the web is that he created the thriller medical genre and a list of his books basically. i need to know about his life and qualities. i know there are generous people out there who can help me. please post some good websites for me! :)
Brandy Thurston posts on 10/22/2006 3:19:06 PM I have all 26 hardback book of Robin Cook. I also love the charachters Laurie Montgomery and Jack Stapleton. When I first read Contagion I wanted to pursue a Medical examiner career.
Donald M. Fuller posts on 10/22/2006 7:48:27 AM Dear Robin: I was amazed to find a character of the same name, ethnicity, bass voice and military rank and background in Abduction. I am wondering if I knew you or you me from a tour of duty in Boston (USS Wasp after OCS; 1964-66) or in Vietnam (1966-68; homeport, Hawaii)in order to get it so close to my background and experience. Coincidence or chance meeting? It was daunting to read and yet I was not the martinet portrayed in your book. That might have been due to a perception formed at OCS where I had great fun with the role of "soldierboy" for a time. Vietnam taught me much more. I'd like to share more but need to get some answers to the question above. Don
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