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Patrick C. posts on 1/13/2006 12:17:04 PM I see the latest posting before this is July of '05. Does anyone have any more recent news concerning the next book in the Steerswoman series?
Deby Fredericks posts on 7/20/2005 6:17:30 PM FYI, an interview with Kirstein recently appeared in Locus Magazine -- May or June, I think. She talks about her creative process and says she is working on the next volume but doesn't give a release date. If you don't subscribe to Locus, the interview is probably on their web site. You'll find it is you Google Locus Magazine. Deby Fredericks author of "The Magister's Mask"
Gwen posts on 7/18/2005 11:42:57 PM Hi - i just found this site as i was looking (again) for any information on when kirstein's next book is coming out! Does anyone know, or know of a way to find out??

Viki from Preston posts on 6/1/2005 8:11:37 AM When is the next and the rest of the books due out, could you give some indication on on of the web sites please.
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